Graduation & Since

I graduated from high school a year ago yesterday.

Look at how pretty we once were!

(Check out the Tabernacle! This was only a few months before it burned down. It's all ash now. So sad.)

What has changed since then:

1. My hair has grown probably 5 inches. I'm basically a yeti.
2. I fell in love with Jimmer Fredette.
3. I moved out of my parents house, all the way down the street to the dorms, and then across the street from the dorms to the Riv.
4. I got a D+ for the first time ever. Bet you can't guess which class...
5. My movie collection went from 5 to 34.
6. I experienced a full body massage.
7. I killed 3 fish.
8. I only gained 5 lbs. No freshman 15 for me, so hah!
9. I went on 6 more first dates, but I've now "dated" 3.
10. I went to my first real concert (Sorry Sarah, but Clay Aiken doesn't count.)
11. I haven't won a single basketball game since state last year. And I played intramural basketball. So depressing.
12. I no longer have my black brick phone that lasted 4 years. Apparently it wasn't indestructible after all.
13. My high school from which I graduated shut down and then reopened.
14. I discovered that my greatest weakness is Oreo truffles.
15. I got a job at the library.
16. My entire music collection has changed from Coldplay and the Script, to Vampire Weekend, Sufjan Stevens, and Beirut.
17. I've made probably over 300 more Facebook friends.
18. I've also made some real friends. Some who I'll probably stalk forever and they'll never hear the end of me (Shelby and Terra, it's too bad you have caller ID).
19. I learned how to play the guitar, and I sharpened my skills on my uke.
20. I've watched every single episode of Friends, Arrested Development, House, Lost, and The Office.
21. I played Halo and Call of Duty for the first time. No need to expand on how fantastic I was at both. I also bought my own N64.
22. One of my art pieces was displayed at the HFAC!
23. I changed my life plans from being an animator at Pixar to having my own art studio.
24. I discovered the my greatest fear probably isn't being kidnapped or raped (although those are up there), it's getting my hands chopped off.
25. I revisited my love for dark chocolate.
26. I rediscovered my hate for spicy food.
27. I lost whatever ability I had of speaking french.
28. I basically rediscovered the gospel, thereby rediscovering myself and my role life, the universe, and everything (to those of you who get that reference, give yourself a pat on the back because you're awesome.)
29. My world was crushed when I found out that Matthew Broderick was the voice of Simba.
30. I got a new hard drive for my macbook after my old one crashed and I lost everything from all of high school.
31. I learned that ice cream is 2 words, not one.
32. I ended my list at 32, so as to be respectful of The Jimmer.

I'm hoping this next year will be as awesome as the last one, but that will be a tough. This year was great :)



Hunger Games & Movie

So I'm NOT a monster Hunger Games fan.

I read them and I thought they were fun (and really hard to put down once I started) , but I place them in the same category as the Twilight books. Total fluffilicious brain candy.

In all fairness, the author is a good storyteller. It's fast paced, action packed, and engaging, but what the freak is up the characters? Katniss is a annoying gutless flip-flopper who is incapable of making decisions or experiencing emotions other than confusion, anger, and sadness. The supporting characters are so two-dimensional and are never explored enough to explain why Katniss "loves" them so much, despite this being a central plot point as far as every decision Katniss makes. We are just told that we should love them because Katniss loves them, and are expected to go along merrily reading without any connections to any characters.

The real shame is that the author completely misses a perfect opportunity to satirize modern media and consumerism, instead focusing on a bogus love story and violent action.

The movie is coming out in 2012. I think this story will translate a lot better through film. It's entirely action based and the characters in the book feel only the most basic emotions, which will be great for teenage actors.

And it WILL be PG-13. They'll have to cut out some gore, but it's a teenage audience, so how stupid would producers have to be to make it R?

Casting looks pretty coolio. Unlike twilight, the actors seem pretty well known and qualified. I haven't made any judgements yet about whether I like them or not, but hopefully they do a good job.
I'm excited to see what they do with it.

Jennifer Lawrence is Katniss. All I know about her was that she was nominated for a Golden Globe and and Academy award for her part in Winter's Bone. That's awesome. Much more qualified than stupid unemotional Bella in twilight.

Liam Hemsworth as Gale. He's a hunk, but the fact that he dated and was in a movie with Hannah Montana loses him some points.

Josh Hutcherson as Peeta. Apparently he was great in Bridge to Terabithia and The Kids are All Right, but I haven't seen either of them. Who knows. He looks pretty cool. He has a Jimmer jaw.

Stanley Tucci as Caesar Flickerman the talk show host!! I love Stanley Tucci! I bet you anything they'll make his role bigger than it was in the book just to showcase his awesomeness.

Woody Harrelson as Haymitch. I honestly was hoping for Robert Downey Jr, but since that was hoping for the impossible, I think this is a good choice. I know he was in Cheers and Zombieland, but I haven't seen either.

The end.


Love for Beirut

If I were to look into the Mirror of Erised right this second, I would probably see myself standing in a huge house decorated Anthropologie-style holding hands with a guy who looks strangely like John Krasinski.

BUT after I got those things, THEN I would look and see myself getting my ukulele signed by my most favoritist singer in the world, Zach Condon.
He's like the epitome of everything I love.
I realize that most people would hear his music and go, "what the freak, you actually like that?". But the answer is "Yes, I LOVE IT." His music includes basically every instrument: ukuleles, accordions, trumpets, violins, glockenspiels, flugel horns...and he can play ALL of them! Plus his voice is so fantastic, it gives me the goosebumps. He's traveled the world to hear the different sorts of music and he adapts it into his own. His songs just scream passion. And he's 25 freaking years old.
Right now, I'm REALLY hoping to be able to see him when I go to NY this summer. He's performing at McCarren Park on June 17, and my world would just flip if I could go see him live.
So, without further ado, I present Zach Condon's band "Beirut".

P.S. If you don't like him, just keep that to yourself.



I bought another fish on Saturday. I made Jordan come with me, because honestly, going to buy a fish all by yourself is just waaay too lame. We almost got this cool black one, but it turned out to have some fungal disease called Ick. I asked the lady, and apparently it's the same thing that killed Pablo and Phoebe! (fyi, I'm not a fish killer, and neither are Tiare or Tyler. They were diseased.) So I brought home Wilson. Jordan wanted to name him BonQuiQui. Actually, Jordan wanted me to get some skinny eel looking fish with a mustache and name him Sensai. Maybe next time.

Keeping that in mind......They died. Phoebe died on Friday the 13th, and Pablo died a week later. We had 2 funerals. It was a terrible tragedy, and of course, everybody in attendancewas incredibly emotional. We dug the graves with spoons and each took turns dropping dirt on their caskets while saying a couple of nice words. At Phoebe's, we even had Swedish fish as refreshments. I think Garrett was so sad he became a compulsive eater, because he ate like 1/2 the bag.

I'm getting pretty bored talking about my fish.
It's just that a lot has happened concerning fish in my life lately, so it's something that I always end up talking about. Sure, I like fish, but not enough to carry every conversation I have with everyone I run into, and oddly that seems to be what's happening. The cute little graveyard that's accumulating in front of my apartment probably has something to do with that... That, and my facebook updates. Ccchhhhhhh... O_o
K I just really hope I'm not becoming "the girl with the fish". I honestly don't have a fish obsession.
So that is the story of my fish. Hopefully nothing special happens anytime soon, because really the only thing "special" that can happen to a fish is if it dies. Or becomes a Fairly Odd Parent.

Wilson won't die. He shall prevail!

Birthday Week

K so it was my birthday on Monday.
I'm friggin 19!
This is the first birthday where I actually feel different. Like, one day I was 18 and the next day I was 19. It seems like a small step, but to me... 19 is when everything starts happening.
I mean, ya, 18 you go to college. You consider yourself an "adult" (but, let's be honest, you're the only one who does). But 19 is when people start making those life decisions. You know, like what am I doing with my life? Where am I going? Who the heck am I going to marry?
Okay fine. The only thing that scared me about turning 19 is that I feel like everybody is getting married at age 19.
And I do not want to get married.
Well, just not right now.
Give me 3 years, ya?
I want to go to Paris first.

Okay, so I woke up on my birthday. I went to work. I went to class. My grandparents took me and my
sisters out to lunch to Malawi's Pizza. If you haven't been there before, you need to go because it's divine. I went there again on Friday for Daniella's Bachelorette party--There was a tall dude with a wicked arm tattoo named Steven who is super awesome and very willing to take a picture of you and your wild friends.-- I then went back to my apartment, chilled with my cousins, and skipped class (gasp!).
That night my roommates took me out to T-Roadhouse! Another amazing restaurant. Don't go there if you're prone to seizures though, there is a lot of action happening. I still have my leftover ribs in my fridge. They've probably gone bad by now, come to think of it. Anyway they made me straddle a saddle while everybody gave a great Yee-haw that it was my birthday. That was not embarrassing at all.
I wish I had a picture, but my roommate Katie has them on her camera.
Now that I am super coolio and have my own blog, I should start taking more pictures.

Flashforward to now: my family threw me a shindig today. I got to eat my very favorite meal (Swedish pancakes), with my very favorite people (my fam and my roomie), and one of my favorite people's favorite person (Dave). My grandma even made her special hot chocolate, which is something I'd basically kill for. For birthday presents, all I asked for was $$.
I'm in desperate need of clothes and art supplies, and I don't want anybody buying either of those but myself. However, my mom felt like she still needed something for me to unwrap in front of everybody, and jeez why would I object to that? So I got a couple of my favorite movies, a CD, and some of my mom's clothes that I coveted, plus the $$ I needed. My parents are the best.

So that was my birthday. I like the times when it seems to drag out for a week. I'm just going to pretend I turned 17 rather than 19, because honestly that's how old I feel and I am absolutely NOT ready to even pretend that I want to make any life long decisions at this point.


Ohhh man. Here we go.

To start off, I'd like to say that I never really wanted to get into this blogger world,
However, I'm sure that's what everybody says when they start a blog.
Honestly I'm kind of ashamed that it's come to this.
But I've been thinking to myself lately,
"Jeez I wish there was a way to keep track of my daily doings in an easily accessible online place where I could post my favorite links and pictures while NOT annoying everybody I know on facebook!"
So here I am.

Although you may find some amusement among my frolics and schmoozings, I'm just working on a way to document my life so that I can look back at myself 50 years from now, chuckling and thinking
"Hah! Who the heck is that freak?.....oh ya."