Birthday Week

K so it was my birthday on Monday.
I'm friggin 19!
This is the first birthday where I actually feel different. Like, one day I was 18 and the next day I was 19. It seems like a small step, but to me... 19 is when everything starts happening.
I mean, ya, 18 you go to college. You consider yourself an "adult" (but, let's be honest, you're the only one who does). But 19 is when people start making those life decisions. You know, like what am I doing with my life? Where am I going? Who the heck am I going to marry?
Okay fine. The only thing that scared me about turning 19 is that I feel like everybody is getting married at age 19.
And I do not want to get married.
Well, just not right now.
Give me 3 years, ya?
I want to go to Paris first.

Okay, so I woke up on my birthday. I went to work. I went to class. My grandparents took me and my
sisters out to lunch to Malawi's Pizza. If you haven't been there before, you need to go because it's divine. I went there again on Friday for Daniella's Bachelorette party--There was a tall dude with a wicked arm tattoo named Steven who is super awesome and very willing to take a picture of you and your wild friends.-- I then went back to my apartment, chilled with my cousins, and skipped class (gasp!).
That night my roommates took me out to T-Roadhouse! Another amazing restaurant. Don't go there if you're prone to seizures though, there is a lot of action happening. I still have my leftover ribs in my fridge. They've probably gone bad by now, come to think of it. Anyway they made me straddle a saddle while everybody gave a great Yee-haw that it was my birthday. That was not embarrassing at all.
I wish I had a picture, but my roommate Katie has them on her camera.
Now that I am super coolio and have my own blog, I should start taking more pictures.

Flashforward to now: my family threw me a shindig today. I got to eat my very favorite meal (Swedish pancakes), with my very favorite people (my fam and my roomie), and one of my favorite people's favorite person (Dave). My grandma even made her special hot chocolate, which is something I'd basically kill for. For birthday presents, all I asked for was $$.
I'm in desperate need of clothes and art supplies, and I don't want anybody buying either of those but myself. However, my mom felt like she still needed something for me to unwrap in front of everybody, and jeez why would I object to that? So I got a couple of my favorite movies, a CD, and some of my mom's clothes that I coveted, plus the $$ I needed. My parents are the best.

So that was my birthday. I like the times when it seems to drag out for a week. I'm just going to pretend I turned 17 rather than 19, because honestly that's how old I feel and I am absolutely NOT ready to even pretend that I want to make any life long decisions at this point.

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