I bought another fish on Saturday. I made Jordan come with me, because honestly, going to buy a fish all by yourself is just waaay too lame. We almost got this cool black one, but it turned out to have some fungal disease called Ick. I asked the lady, and apparently it's the same thing that killed Pablo and Phoebe! (fyi, I'm not a fish killer, and neither are Tiare or Tyler. They were diseased.) So I brought home Wilson. Jordan wanted to name him BonQuiQui. Actually, Jordan wanted me to get some skinny eel looking fish with a mustache and name him Sensai. Maybe next time.

Keeping that in mind......They died. Phoebe died on Friday the 13th, and Pablo died a week later. We had 2 funerals. It was a terrible tragedy, and of course, everybody in attendancewas incredibly emotional. We dug the graves with spoons and each took turns dropping dirt on their caskets while saying a couple of nice words. At Phoebe's, we even had Swedish fish as refreshments. I think Garrett was so sad he became a compulsive eater, because he ate like 1/2 the bag.

I'm getting pretty bored talking about my fish.
It's just that a lot has happened concerning fish in my life lately, so it's something that I always end up talking about. Sure, I like fish, but not enough to carry every conversation I have with everyone I run into, and oddly that seems to be what's happening. The cute little graveyard that's accumulating in front of my apartment probably has something to do with that... That, and my facebook updates. Ccchhhhhhh... O_o
K I just really hope I'm not becoming "the girl with the fish". I honestly don't have a fish obsession.
So that is the story of my fish. Hopefully nothing special happens anytime soon, because really the only thing "special" that can happen to a fish is if it dies. Or becomes a Fairly Odd Parent.

Wilson won't die. He shall prevail!

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  1. i believe in wilson. and this blog (i'm a blogger myself. i'm glad you hopped on the bandwagon! as long as you're not blogging about your awesome married life with your awesome kids, your blog won't be as bandwagon-ish. and this comment probably makes no sense. that's cool.)


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