Graduation & Since

I graduated from high school a year ago yesterday.

Look at how pretty we once were!

(Check out the Tabernacle! This was only a few months before it burned down. It's all ash now. So sad.)

What has changed since then:

1. My hair has grown probably 5 inches. I'm basically a yeti.
2. I fell in love with Jimmer Fredette.
3. I moved out of my parents house, all the way down the street to the dorms, and then across the street from the dorms to the Riv.
4. I got a D+ for the first time ever. Bet you can't guess which class...
5. My movie collection went from 5 to 34.
6. I experienced a full body massage.
7. I killed 3 fish.
8. I only gained 5 lbs. No freshman 15 for me, so hah!
9. I went on 6 more first dates, but I've now "dated" 3.
10. I went to my first real concert (Sorry Sarah, but Clay Aiken doesn't count.)
11. I haven't won a single basketball game since state last year. And I played intramural basketball. So depressing.
12. I no longer have my black brick phone that lasted 4 years. Apparently it wasn't indestructible after all.
13. My high school from which I graduated shut down and then reopened.
14. I discovered that my greatest weakness is Oreo truffles.
15. I got a job at the library.
16. My entire music collection has changed from Coldplay and the Script, to Vampire Weekend, Sufjan Stevens, and Beirut.
17. I've made probably over 300 more Facebook friends.
18. I've also made some real friends. Some who I'll probably stalk forever and they'll never hear the end of me (Shelby and Terra, it's too bad you have caller ID).
19. I learned how to play the guitar, and I sharpened my skills on my uke.
20. I've watched every single episode of Friends, Arrested Development, House, Lost, and The Office.
21. I played Halo and Call of Duty for the first time. No need to expand on how fantastic I was at both. I also bought my own N64.
22. One of my art pieces was displayed at the HFAC!
23. I changed my life plans from being an animator at Pixar to having my own art studio.
24. I discovered the my greatest fear probably isn't being kidnapped or raped (although those are up there), it's getting my hands chopped off.
25. I revisited my love for dark chocolate.
26. I rediscovered my hate for spicy food.
27. I lost whatever ability I had of speaking french.
28. I basically rediscovered the gospel, thereby rediscovering myself and my role life, the universe, and everything (to those of you who get that reference, give yourself a pat on the back because you're awesome.)
29. My world was crushed when I found out that Matthew Broderick was the voice of Simba.
30. I got a new hard drive for my macbook after my old one crashed and I lost everything from all of high school.
31. I learned that ice cream is 2 words, not one.
32. I ended my list at 32, so as to be respectful of The Jimmer.

I'm hoping this next year will be as awesome as the last one, but that will be a tough. This year was great :)


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