Alex Pardee, favorite artist #24

At some point, I'm going to have a perfect list of all of my favorite artists. Until then, I'm just going to make up numbers.

So meet my favorite artist #24!


He's has the creepiest illustrations I've ever seen
and holy crap I love it.

Dude! Who thinks like this?

Usually, something is dim and dreary when it's creepy, but this guy manages to avoid basically all darkness and shadow and still make things repulsive. These characters are thrown into broad daylight and he uses every color in the rainbow and all of his figures are still so gruesome! I don't know how he can do that and not make everything cheesy or gaudy .

Hahaha there's a kid in his stomach. And his hand is its own character.

This is probably my favorite one. Look at the fingers! Look at the sqeezy thingy! It's so creepy but geez it's so cool.

More to come. I have so many favorite artists it's not even funny.

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