BANKSY, Favorite #7

I've really gotten into street art over the past couple of months. It's this whole culture that is so subtle it becomes overlooked. What's cool about street art is that it's not just graffiti. It includes everything from stencil and sticker art, to video projection and flash mobbing. It's an artist's chance to express their views and opinions to a large audience in an anonymous way. And everything is up to the people's interpretation; there's no explanation except for what you see. 

Banksy is basically the king of street art. He's super famous. Except that he's an anonymous guerilla artist. So nobody knows who he is. Mystery! What I love about him is 1) his style: He uses stencils 2) his anonymity 3) his satirical social & political ideas He's so brilliant. He can get any message across. I mean, check this out: He literally had people walking on eggshells. Plus he's in the middle of the whole argument of graffiti vs. art. 

Should graffiti be illegal? Or is it art? London has decided to treat all Banksy works as vandalism and remove them. His pieces last only a couple of days. (Which is another great thing about street art, is that it's so meaningful, but so temporary) So I had a REALLY hard time choosing what pictures to post. But I'll refrain from any commentary so that you can get the full effect:

Also, watch "exit through the gift shop".  Awesome documentary on street art.


  1. Haha these are great. I've seen some of his stuff, but I really like the ones you've found and posted. I especially like the toddlers coloring on the wall. Those should be my children.


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