Ned, The Pie-maker.

For those of you who know me, you understand how I go through giant phases of obsession.

All through high school I had pictures of John Krasinski in my locker, and I would watch the Office episode "Casino Night" over and over and over because of that one scene in the parking lot (I still get chills when I watch it.)
After JKras it was Robert Downey Jr, then Ewan McGregor, then Ryan Gosling, and Jimmer (obviously).

Right now, it's Lee Pace.

If you haven't ever seen PUSHING DAISIES, then you haven't lived. It's on Netflix. Get on it. You won't regret it.
It's basically all I've been doing for the past week (besides preparing for finals........of course).

Ned is a character that rivals Jim Halpert and Chandler Bing. Seriously. The way he smiles at Chuck, and how he puts his hands in his pockets.....
The art direction of Pushing Daisies is so fabulous, it reminds me of Tim Burton. But that's sort of beside the point.

I just love Lee Pace.

And when I love something, I stalk it.

So I watched, The Fall last night.

How on earth have I not seen this movie before??? I have to watch it again, because I feel like I missed so much. It's like Big Fish on drugs. There is nothing else like it.

So cool. So beautiful.

And Ned, the pie-maker, was NOT Ned, the pie-maker (although I was missing him by the end of this 2 hour break I took from Pushing Daisies). Lee Pace played his part so well, I don't even want to get started. You just have to see it. Plus, the little girl Alexandria? How on earth did they find anybody so natural? I was wondering the whole time if anything she said was scripted.

ANYWAY, Lee Pace is also starring in The Normal Heart which is playing on Broadway right
now. It's nominated for a Tony for best play. Guess who's going to NY next week.
I'm going to see him AND Jim Parsons from Big Bang Theory live in New York.

You better believe it.

I'm indulging in my latest obsession, and I really don't think you'd do yourself any harm by looking this guy up. He's going to be big. He's going to be in 2 big movies next year: Breaking Dawn & The Hobbit. So do yourself a favor, and become obsessed with this guy, because he's the real deal.


  1. We are talking about The Fall on Monday--it is one of the most beautiful films I have ever seen.


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