Rachel Fredette

Doesn't that look gorgeous?

Before you sigh and roll your eyes, let me make a claim:
Jimmer is an adorable, hot, freaking talented dude who I love...But I realize he is a celebrity and I will never know him.
But let me ask you this:


I refuse to refuse to obsess over my deep obsession.
Figure that one out.

In the meantime, I will continue to follow his twitter and youtube channels. His picture will remain my phone background. I will constantly be searching for him on campus, and I will give up anything to watch the Jazz or Knicks or Suns or whoever once he gets drafted.

So there.

Let me love my Jimmer in peace, you hypocritical Belieber.


  1. I love that you love to love Jimmer! :) And if I had any power or pull or knew him - I'd make sure you at least got to meet him - but alas, I do not, can not, and know not. However, I can still cheer for you cheering for him.

  2. hahahaha. that last line kills me.

  3. Bahaha. i find it funny you call yourself Rachel Fredette, when I actually AM Rachel Fredette. xD


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