Trip to the Big Apple


DAY 1:
Thursday, June 16
  • We lived through a straight red-eye flight from 12:45a in Salt Lake to 7:30a at JFK
  • The very first thing we did was to buy the THICKEST bagel with the THICKEST cream cheese from a tiny shop on Times Square. Set apretty good precedent for the rest of the trip.
  • Took pictures by the Jack Sparrow Legoman and the life-size barbie mansion in theToysRUs on Times Square
  • We ate at the Vermillion, which was the sweetest Indian restaurant I've ever been to and will ever go to. And when I say sweet, I mean spicy and delicious.
  • Billy Elliot was fantastic. So glad we saw it.
  • Me + chocolate = happy, so Max Brenner's was definitely a highlight.
DAY 2:
Friday, June 17
  • I finally got to SLEEP IN, which was nice after coming straight off of finals.
  • We ate lunch at Grand Central Station. My food was unreal. A raisin walnut bran muffin, homemade yogurt and fresh OJ may sound simple but it was so goooooood!
  • The subway we took to Brooklyn went underwater. It made our ears pop.
  • We got to sit and people-watch New Yorkers for a while, whichwas cool. It's a different crowd out there.
  • There was a double rainbow!
  • I was in the actual presence of Zach Condon & BEIRUT!!
DAY 3:
Saturday, June 18
  • Me and Jord walked 3 miles through central park. It looks exactly how I pictured it.
  • Tony Award Winning play "The Normal Heart", starring LEE PACE and JIM PARSONS! It was so mind blowing, I just can't get it off of my mind. That's what theater should be all about.
  • John's Pizza was a legit New York Pizzeria. Thin crust margherita pizza with sausage and pepperoni. Plus grilled vegetables and juicy fresh mozzarella . So good!
  • "Importance of Being Earnest" starring Brian Bedford, who was the voice of Robin Hood in the Disney movie :D
  • There was a massive street fair on Times Square. Hundreds of stands selling corn on the cob, purses, jewelry, donuts, candied nuts, and a whole lot more.
Here's me actually MEETING Lee Pace: http://youtu.be/G0BFKj6dJPI

DAY 4:
Sunday, June 19
  • Church in manhattan. We crashed a singles ward at the LDS temple chapel a couple streets from Times Square.
  • Levain bakery was probably my favorite place we went to all week. We spent a total of 5 minutes inside and just grabbed a bunch of rolls, cookies, and scones. That walnut scone was the best thing I've ever eaten in my life. No exaggeration.
  • Walked through financial district in lower Manhattan. I saw the world trade center and the beginnings of the memorial that they're building to honor 9/11. So cool.
  • We went to the Museum of Modern Art and saw everything from Picasso to Monet. Twas insane. I can't believe I was in the same room as Starry Night.

DAY 5:
Monday, June 20
  • We took a long bike ride through central park. I haven't used those thigh muscles in a long time and my legs felt like jelly when I got off my bike, but it was so nice and warm and pretty.
  • We waltzed around the lower east side, china town, & little italy. On one side of the street was complete new york normalcy, and on the other was China. Cool beans. We bought stuff for cheap.
  • I got a legit Reuben sandwich from Katz Deli. Melt in your mouth pastrami with homemade thousand island dressing :)
  • Me and Jord took a break from the awesomeness to cool down, so we saw X-men in the theater on times square. Can't complain. It was neat.

DAY 6:
Tuesday, June 21
  • PLANES. JFK to Minneapolis, Minneapolis to St. Louis, then St. Louis to SL. 12 hours. That's a whole lot of the Office and Pushing Daisies. One of our planes was pretty coolio and we actually got to walk out onto the turf and up the stairs.
And there it is. My trip to NY. I wish I was still there. WHY AM I NOT STILL THERE? I miss it so bad. Wahhhh.

I'm going back there soon, and no one can stop me. However, if anyone feels generous and wants to sponsor my trip, you're very welcome to ;) Maybe I'll even let you come.

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  1. i will sponsor. but that promise of letting me come better happen.


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