Snape, Snape, Severus Snape.

I'm absolutely a Potter nerd.
And here's why:
I've faithfully read the series since I was 9 years old.
In fourth grade, my mom excused me and my siblings from school in order to see the first Harry Potter movie.
My 10th birthday was Harry Potter themed.
I was one of those geeks who went to the bookstore at 10:00p in order to wait until midnight for the next book to come out, so that I could stay up until 3:00a reading it.
I had a Griffindor bracelet I wore every day in junior high.
In all honesty, I think I've read every book in the series over 15 times.
I've gone to the midnight showings of the past 4 Harry Potter movies.
So although I never dressed up as Lavender Brown for the premieres, or wore round glasses to school, or carved out a lightning bolt on my forehead with a stick to show my devotion, Harry Potter was a major part of my childhood and it's terrible to see it end.
So let's revisit some happy memories, shall we?

The end.


WHALES, Yellow Ostriches, Red Iguanas, Fleeting Foxes, Imaginary Dragons, more Whales, and a Rip Tide.


So there are some things in my life that consistently make me very happy. I was very happy this week.
For these things:

WHALES & Ostriches
I found this song. It will never leave my brain. It's going to be bouncing around in my skull until I die. But it's phenomenal and I'm glad I found him again.
Yellow Ostrich was the pre-show to Beirut when I saw them in Brooklyn, and they were a really great surprise. This song was their best by far:

Red Iguanas
Since we have had so many relatives in town, I have been treated to eat out so many times I can't keep track.
And I love free food. I think it tastes better than food that I paid for.
I went to Spicy Thai, not once, but twice. For free. Paid for by someone else. I went Red Iguana tonight. 2 of my favorite restaurants, and I have leftovers from both in my fridge right now.
These plus 4 BBQ's within 48 hours just made my week fantastic.

Imagine Dragons & Freelance Whales
2 of the many bands I have discovered within the last couple of weeks.
And those 2 weren't even my favorite, they just had animals in their band names so I used them in my title sequence (smirk).

Some of my favorite songs right now:
"My Love", by The Bird and the Bee
-she's like a mix of Ingrid Michaelson and Florence + the Machine-

"Kilojoules", by Freelance Whales
-the main singer's brother is in Glee. One of the gay guys. Oh yeahhh. Go wild-

"It's Time", Imagine Dragons
-didn't realize how great these guys were until I saw them live a couple weeks ago-

"The Cave", by Mumford & Sons
-an older one, but I love them Sons of Mumford. I could listen to them all day long-

"My Body", Young the Giant
-good for when I'm in a Chelsea Dagger sort of mood-

"1901", by Phoenix
-starting to like Phoenix. i didn't like them at first, except this song-

"White Winter Hymnal", by Fleet Foxes
-courtesy of my cousin Zac. These guys remind me so much of Local Natives, I love them-

"Zebra", by Beach House
-I'm determined to learn how to play this on the guitar-

"Excuses", by the Morning Benders
-another intro by Zac. That's a tune that will never get out of my head. Ever. I've been having real trouble with that lately-

Rip Tide
Another album!!
And holy crap I've never heard anything so fantastic in my life. Every single song gave me the chills. Every one.
And yeah, so what if this album doesn't come out for another 2 months. It's not my fault someone leaked it all over the internet ;)
I'll let you experience him live, because he's just so yummy:

And yes. I realize that basically this whole post is about music. But you need to realize that I'm stuck in the basement of a library for 8 hours a day with a pair of headphones. There's not much else that goes on in my life. Although I have gotten through 3 audio books of Harry Potter, and that's quite an accomplishment.

Oh yes, and it was the 4th of July. Happy birthday America!
We decorated our door with stars.
See if you can find Patrick Star and Ringo Starr.