Snape, Snape, Severus Snape.

I'm absolutely a Potter nerd.
And here's why:
I've faithfully read the series since I was 9 years old.
In fourth grade, my mom excused me and my siblings from school in order to see the first Harry Potter movie.
My 10th birthday was Harry Potter themed.
I was one of those geeks who went to the bookstore at 10:00p in order to wait until midnight for the next book to come out, so that I could stay up until 3:00a reading it.
I had a Griffindor bracelet I wore every day in junior high.
In all honesty, I think I've read every book in the series over 15 times.
I've gone to the midnight showings of the past 4 Harry Potter movies.
So although I never dressed up as Lavender Brown for the premieres, or wore round glasses to school, or carved out a lightning bolt on my forehead with a stick to show my devotion, Harry Potter was a major part of my childhood and it's terrible to see it end.
So let's revisit some happy memories, shall we?

The end.

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