Do it the same, but BOP BETTER.

I've got to pick it up.

Usually at the end of summer, I'm beautifully bronzed from chilling at 7peaks, stick thin from going running every day, and I'm refreshed and ready for school to start.
Not this year.
Oh, no. I'm winter white, getting pudgier, I've lost any spark of discipline I ever had, and I still feel spurts of stress from my last semester until I realized that, hah! oh wait I don't have homework.

School starts again in 8 days. I still have to schedule work hours, but before that my class schedule has to be set in stone, and before that I have to attempt to sneak into an Illustration class that I'm not qualified for. On top of that I don't quite have enough money for tuition, which is due tomorrow, or books, which are going to cost me a butt load this year. I'm finally applying to the Illustration program in November, and I have try harder to get better grades in order to get a half scholarship. On top of THAT, Andy's going up to Idaho (who-da-ho?) we get to attempt a long distance thing. Awesome.

I lost any chance of starting out this semester stress-free.

My saving grace is that I don't have to worry about any of this for a whole week because my family is packing up in a 12-seater van and hightailing it to Disneyland. Corn dogs, funnel cake, Indiana Jones, Tower of Terror, and my amazing fam should all add up to be a big enough distraction, right?

So. Cheers to a new chapter in my life and a new semester of college. May the force be with me.