Like my iPod's stuck on replay, replay...

Sometimes I get driven crazy by a song
because it is just so freaking fantastic.
It gets stuck in my head for days and days
and all I want to do is to listen to it
over and over again.
So I do. Because I can.
Because I'm rotting in the basement of a library for 20 hours a week
with nothing to do but to let songs fester in my head.
It's fantastic.

Here is the song that have been driving me absolutely crazy this week:

Bury the Floor, by Scattered Trees
(thanks Zac, for introducing me. These guys are boss.)
I would recommend listening here on grooveshark, or finding it on lastfm or spotify.
Wishing so bad they were more popular because they don't have this song on youtube yet.

So if you're too lazy to go searching for that song, just click play on the handy little youtube video I embedded below.
This song is almost as good
And music video is awesome.
Introducing: Love and Leave, by Scattered Trees

Other songs that are basically on my repeat for hours and hours:
Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves), by The Wombats
Once, by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova
Moth's Wings, by Passion Pit
All of This, by the Naked and Famous

If you've got a song and you're like,

 "dude. O_o"

then hit a sista up. I'm in love with "The Naked and Famous" and "Young the Giant" off of suggestions from other peeps, so... yeah. Talk to me.

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