Love, Stupid, Crazy....grrrr

Once upon a time it was a cool, rainy Tuesday morning and Rachel was on time for work. 
Then she felt like tearing out her hair, cracking her computer over her knee, throwing a frying pan at someone's face, and eating an entire jar of nutella, all at the same time.

Yeah...Yesterday was just one of those days.

But rather than bore you with the gory details of my daily frustrations, I will just attempt to advertise my immense excitement for my plans tonight:

I'm going to grab a snuggie, some cinnamon toast & hot chocolate, curl up on my couch, and fall asleep watching Crazy Stupid Love.

How absolutely fantastic does that sound?
(I was going to do this last night, you know, because yesterday was my rotten day, but at 2am I decided the smarter decision would be to delay my pity party for tomorrow.)

So if this hasn't been emphasized enough, Crazy Stupid Love is probably one of my favorite mood-lifting-happy-making-laugh-your-guts-out-pee-your-pants-funny movies I've seen in a long time.
At least it was when I saw it a month ago in theaters. I expect the same reaction tonight.

One quick happy thought:

Andy showed me this song the other day, and told me to listen to the words.
Seriously, Andy? Can you freaking get any cuter?
Honestly, I'm so lucky to have such an awesome guy in my life, even if he is hundreds of miles away.
Somedays it's really hard. Like yesterday.
But it's most definitely worth it.

There. That's the end of my complaining.
Go have an awesome day.
The End.

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