Mirror, Mirror...

In October I posted about a quirky Snow White movie with Julia Roberts that was coming out in 2012.

Whelp. Here's the preview! (Insert excitement here)

And you know what, I don't care that there's another Snow White movie coming out with the oh so grand Kristen Stewart. "Snow White and the Huntsman?" Really? No competition.

This is Tarsem. This is GORGEOUS. This looks like it might be somewhere near as awesome as The Fall.

Speaking of The Fall, I think I'll be inserting some Pushing Daisies into my DVD player this week. My favorite thing to do when I'm stressed is watch Lee Pace and eat some pie. And I am beyond stressed. I have an Illustration portfolio, a test, 2 papers, and a semester-long New Testament project due this week, PLUS I'm stuck home with strep throat. PLUS I'm absolutely broke and I don't even want to think of how I'm going to pay for school next semester, let alone how I'm going to be buying my favorite people Christmas presents.

So rather than stay frazzled and productive, for the moment I'm going to relive some happy summer memories through Ned, the Piemaker. Join me:

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