Vintage Posters Anyone? Fav #33, Andrew Holder

Here is my ideal career:

Graduate with a BFA in Illustration, get hired right out of school for a couple of illustration jobs,
 then live, work and prosper in LA.

I have just described to you the life of Andrew Holder.

This guy is a genius with design. Everything seems to fit together like a puzzle. Combine that skill with amazing color and vintage paper, you've got something fantabulous going on.

I'm asking myself how the crap he even comes up with these ideas:
"Everything starts out as multiple thumbnail sketches of an idea.  The idea either being my own or from a client.  After settling on a basic design it becomes almost like a puzzle.  I spend the majority of the time at this stage, working out scale, texture, balance etc.  I pretty much know what a piece is going to look like before I even put any paint or ink down."
Oh okay. Sounds simple enough. 

Andrew Holder has done work for Urban Outfitters, Roxy, Sub Pop Records, American Express, National Geographic, NPR, Wired magazine, etc...
So basically he's pretty cool. 

Here are some of my favorites from his site. Enjoy:
"Deer Deer"
Acrylic and ink on vintage paper
"Mountain Town"
Screen print on hand painted paper
Screen print on hand painted paper
"Quarantined Ship"
Mixed media on vintage paper
"Predator and Prey"
mixed media on paper

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