Classic Santa

Remember those good ol' days when you'd be laying in bed and your heart would be leaping out of your chest in anticipation for the snide bearded creepster clown to break into your home covered in mud and ash only to eat your precious cookies, drink your tepid milk, and leave an assortment of unnervingly accurate gifts?

Yeah....Good times.

I loved being smothered with toy motor cycles, video games, giant stuffed animals, useless gadgets, and a year's supply of chocolate. Literally. A year's supply (chocolate oranges, symphony bars, chocolate mints, m&m's, wonkas, reeses, hersheys, dark chocolate almond butter, toblerones, and about 500 of our famous russian teacakes left over). Score.

One of my family's best traditions is Russian Teacake Day.
 We spend an entire day making over 1,500
of these delectable cookies to
 deliver to every family in our ward.
And we always have plenty left over.

But now things have changed. I don't need 10 different expansion packs for the Sims or Roller Coaster Tycoon anymore. Now I get misty eyed when I open an envelope with a couple gift cards and a check for tuition.
BTW- Santa basically just saved my life with that check. And my sanity. 
It's strange when your saved sanity is your christmas present.
But I like it.

And I still get my year's supply of chocolate. Plus a couple movies, essential toiletry items, a beatles guitar songbook, and more RAM to speed up my computer. See, my parents still love me :)

I hope your Christmas was as relieving and special as mine.
Happy Holidays!

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  1. I totes sat on Santa's lap this year asking for sanity. Glad you got yours.
    Merry Christmas!


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