Desperate Inspiration

We're halfway through finals week and I feel like my head has exploded. Kind of like this:

(Zach Johnsen)

So, during my desperate search of some much needed inspiration and motivation and illegal-high-quality-pain killers (Psyche. I'm no druggy. But amazon has a surprisingly low amount of on-sale meds...), I came across this coolio stop-motion clip and it was perfect because this is EXACTLY what I feel like doing to all of my homework/studyguides/reviewsheets/crap.

Yep. Gifs and stop-motion. My 2 latest obsessions.

It took the Animator, Steven Briand, over 2 months to make it. 
That's a long time. 
I'm surprised he didn't gain weight. That would have sucked for the clip. You'll see why.
Anywhoo, get a load of this:


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