Oh heyy..

Did I forget to mention that I got into BYU's Illustration Program?
Well, I got into BYU's Illustration Program.

So, my letter was ready last Thursday. They emailed me in the morning to come pick it up. Problem was, I had 2 finals left to take. I knew that I could not handle any terrible gut wrenching news right before I failed another couple of tests so I waited until Friday to get it. That way Andy could be with me in case I melted into a puddle of dread-filled sobs.

When I opened it, I was of course shaking. It's not like a mission call where it's going to be great news no matter what, because even if you get called to Ogden, Utah it's still a happy day. There is failure involved. We secluded ourselves inconspicuously in the HFAC parking lot in order to hide my anxiety from the public. It took like 5 minutes and a lot of coaxing from Andy for me to finally open the letter. When I did I immediately saw the words Congratulations and Illustration so I screamed in surprise and threw the letter into Andy's lap and made him read it himself because I'd started crying. I got in. I belong somewhere now. I have skills! It's a fantastic feeling. I feel like I'm now making progress in what I want to be doing.

Congratulations to me.


  1. OH MY GOSH!! that is sooooo cool!! Way to go. I know how hard that program is to get into. But I mean, come on. I've blog stalked you, I've seen your work. And I'm not surprised you got it. Conrats!!

  2. RAAAAAAAAAYYY-CHEEEEEEEEEEEEELL!!!! I'm screaming inside for you! Way to go! HAHA! That's right. Totally saw that coming.


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