Random Thoughts That Give Me Pause:

My hot french teacher that looks and dresses like Jude Law only likes bratwurst. He would turn down a hotdog. A HOT DOG. How arrogant. I wish I was that cool. 

I happen to enjoy the random maniacal laughs that make people grimace as they walk past. There tend to be a lot of those at BYU.

Photos like this.
I made a friend on the last day of class. I think her name is Michelle. She is also dating someone from BYU Idaho. I could have used her for her relationship advice all semester. We could have carpooled. What a waste. 

I almost sat in on the wrong class today. Yep, on the last day. My problem is that I'm one of those back-row students whose faces are 2 inches away from either their sketchbook -not their notebook- or pinterest. In essence, I don't recognize anybody in some of my classes. However, halfway through the semester I picked out an unfortunately acne-scared sad faced Latino girl in my World Religions class that I would be able to consistently recognize. That way I would know that I was sitting in the right classroom. But today she was gone. I thought I was in the wrong place until my teacher walked in. Maybe I should re-evaluate how aloof I keep myself at school.

At lunch my grandma called me homeless because of my frayed holey TOMS. Success! I'm hipster enough that I look homeless! That's the goal here, right? 

The apparent ban on skinny jeans at BYU Idaho was only apparent. Thank goodness. I would have had to entirely revise my wardrobe. However, I'm super judgmental of those judgmental folk who created that sign at the testing center. "If a student prays and they think that the tight, 'form-fitting' clothing is accepted by the Lord, they have not asked, or have not asked the right question, or they have chosen an answer for their own gratification. I don't believe the Lord would give approval to anyone to be disobedient to the CES Dress and Grooming Standards." -John Dexter, testing center manager. Also, biggest self-righteous dweeb I've ever had the privilege of not meeting. Can you imagine if this was actually the attitude of our church-run school system? I'm glad he does not manage my wardrobe. I'd be wearing Hammer pants and a trench coat in order to properly conceal my form. I am disgruntled. 

The 2 hardest jobs on BYU campus have got to be an interpreter for deaf students, and figure drawing class model. Both of them are being intensely watched by every person in every class, whether they like it or not. It's got to be exhausting. 

I got 23/25 points on an essay that was written more by Wikipedia than it was by me. Way to go random people of the world who know a lot about Byzantine architecure.

In my research of random movies I came across American Psycho. I watched a couple youtube videos and read the summary online. Absolutely and officially tremendously freaked me out. It's worse than the previews for Silence of the Lambs. I'm such a pansy. I need a good dose of Newsies in order to get that slithery Christian Bale out of my brain. 

And a happy gif from Modern Family to end the day because I'm obsessed (with both gifs and Modern Family):

Stay classy, Planet Earth. 

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  1. some days (and by some, I mean all) I would rather wear hammer pants than skinny jeans. A closet dream of mine, really...


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