Theme Song of 2011

It's a pretty cool moment when you find your theme song.

You kinda freeze and stare blankly into space with an awkward half open grin on your face for a full 4 minutes and 2 seconds until the song is over.

Then you close your eyes and slowly shake your head

because you're pondering the incredibly deep life-changing lyrics that perfectly describe the past 12 months of your life.

So you press replay

and when it's over for the second time

You suddenly spring up and plunge into cartwheel,
And you do the Carlton dance.

Just kidding.
That last part didn't happen.
I can't cartwheel.

But I did find my theme song for 2011.

Losers, by The Belle Brigade

Yeah it's called Losers. Don't judge. And no, it's not Christmassy. Yeah, sometimes I don't listen to Christmas music at Christmastime. Go ahead. Call me a sinner.


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