Figured some Drawings

You guys.
I'm engaged.
I still can't get used to this sparkly beauty on my digits. It's phenomenal. I can't stop fiddling with it.
I'm gonna get maaaarrrriieeeedd.

But the strangest thing is that life doesn't stop.
It just keeps rolling!
Oh no, says the world, in fact, since you asked, let's move FASTER!
This week is already over! I can't handle this.
So much school, so much work, so much planning and organizing and handling and being a freakin adult with no play time.
I didn't even make time to watch the Office tonight.

Okay, but I didn't come here to blabber.
I came to show off.

I'm in an intermediate figure drawing class and I thought I'd post some of my successes.
I'm actually really happy about how fast I'm learning and how I'm starting to develop a style.
In my intro to figure drawing class last year I was super intimidated by how everyone seemed to know exactly where they were stylistically, and I was still just struggling with proportions and my thick messy lines.
Now I feel like I'm starting to develop my own style and I'm stoked!
I still suck though. I'm no where close to where I want to be. My gesture drawing is absolutely atrocious. I'm just glad to be at a point where I'm not deathly afraid of anyone flipping through my sketchbook.

So here are some of extremely flawed figure drawings from the past 3 weeks:
To you artists out there: Please leave comments and tips! I'm dying for some criticism here!

Graphite- 40 mins
Fell in love with graphite pencils after this.
Sorry about the glare.

Nupastel- 20mins
(Just to clarify, for the sake of people like Adam Turner, YES he's sitting in a chair)
(Also, you are allowed to ignore his single nipple and foot tumor. He's self conscious.)
Nupastel- 20mins.
Yeah she's kinda husky. Let's just pretend she's a pro rugby player, okay?

Nupastel- 20 mins
Question: how do you avoid the animated face? I couldn't get past it.

Sometimes my teacher lectures and I caricature faces instead of listening. 
Both of these are graphite, about 5 mins each.

Nupastel-30 mins
Ignore the nastiness on the bottom picture. It's awkward.
It's rare that we get a bearded model. I mean, BYU has its standards. No beards, just speedos. 
 My teacher said my drawings look like Dave Matthews. He's right. I see a likeness. 

Nupastel- 20 mins
See? Style! It's coming!

Don't forget to leave a comment.
Can't wait to show you guys what I'm working on in my Illustration class. It's boss. Seriously. If I can actually learn to paint it, that is........



Once upon a summer in a faraway land called Mormonville, two somewhat ordinary, yet slightly fantastic individuals met over a conversation about the logic behind calling breakfast + dinner, brinner. He was wearing a green shirt, a hat, and flip flops. She laughed at his silliness and his weird last name.

As weeks progressed, he searched for lame reasons to visit her apartment. He'd drag his wing men over to help him borrow movies. He participated in her harry potter movie marathons and he mightily withstood the terror that was her clingy 7 year-old-boy-crazy-sister. Soon enough, he was the first to be called when she stepped on a giant banana slug in the dark and needed someone to come identify, kill, and bury it. She made him sit through a haunting episode of the Bachelor with her friends. He asked her out on a date, and they bonded over frosties, lemonade, and the adoption of a strangely contorted lamp.

Now it's 6 months later, and they're engaged.

By the way.
This story is about Andy and me.
Here's the scoop.

Normal weekend right? Just another visit. Just another 3 days smashed together in between our crazy lives of long distance, and schools, and classes, and homework, and jobs, and sports.
All weekend he wanted to go on a walk and I was like, "sure thing, babe." So after a night of Brian Regan, cheesecake, and smoothies, and then a day of friends, homework, and sneaky trips with his <quote> brother <quote>, he was like "let's go take that walk." So I unsuspiciously pulled on my boots and my ski coat that makes me look pregnant, and we trudged outside into the sleet and snow. We held hands and talked about that one time when we first started dating when we romped all over byu campus and visited the science center and tried to reach our arms around the giant round meteor outside the jsb. After sliding and slipping and laughing and shoving, we reached our plaza. He reminded me that this was where he had pulled out his killer romantic moves and we'd slow-danced to "I am the luckiest." I told him that that was one of my favorite memories of all time. He told me that that was when he knew that he absolutely loved me. And then suddenly, he was beaming.

And then he was on his knee.

And of course, I said yes.


Nutella Theory

Deciding to get engaged is kind of like deciding to dive into a 30 ft deep pool of nutella.

Why on earth would I do that? I'm a terrible swimmer. What if I drown? There is no actual way that I can survive here. I mean look at me: Do I look nearly fit enough to tread nutella for more than 2 minutes? It'd be sticky and nasty and gooey and oily. I'm uncoordinated and people usually laugh when I dive. Plus I like to stay out of 30 ft deep pools. What if I get stuck? What exactly am I gaining here? I'm somewhat scared of the ocean. I don't want to get my hair dirty. This is never going to work.

But wait a second, it's nutella. I love nutella. I live for nutella. It's the perfect combination of everything that's fantastic. I could eat only nutella for the rest of my life and I would be perfectly happy. Plus it's thick and I'd be buoyant and I might not even need floaties. I'd much rather this pool be full of nutella than something else, like yogurt or peanut butter or caramel, or heaven forbid, cottage cheese. Nutella makes me happy. When I'm out of nutella I make a special trip to Macy's to buy another jar. I might get fat later, but you know what, who cares. Not me. Certainly not the nutella. Jumping in would be daring and exhilarating and a whole lot of fun. Imagine the memories. Imagine the pictures. People will be talking about this for a while. What a delicious adventure.

Interpret this as you may. 

But let's just say that I'm ecstatic for my nutella-filled future ;)


The Joy of Books

I'm sitting on my bed, hiding in my bedroom in order to avoid the noise of Friends, friends, and my friends' boyfriends because I'm trying to write a 1 page art history paper that is due on Wednesday.

But my mind does NOT want to study 15th century Italy. It's more attracted to contemporary art, and humor, and entertainment.
So after returning to the kitchen for yet another handful of peanut m&m's, my mind took over my eyes and hands and returned me to my favorite art blog.
And I found this piece of magic.

It made me want to read and learn again.
So now I'm back to sitting on my bed staring at my art history textbook.

Happy Monday everyone :)


Our Song

"This is the First Day of my Life" by Bright Eyes.

We saw Conor Oberst live in Salt Lake back in July. Besides being surrounded by freakishly pierced preteens smoking weed, the concert was pretty fantastic. And this became one of our songs. (One of our many songs. I think we have about 6).
I've made a playlist of music that reminds me of Andy. I listen to it when I'm feeling especially melancholy.

Life is unusually good. I'm pleasantly warm in this obnoxious January sweater weather. I'm recovering from my addiction to Russian Tea Cakes and 11 hours of sleep a night. My roommates are back, my mom misses me and seeks me out to feed me dinner. I belong to an art program and I get to go buy hundreds of dollars worth of painting materials (which I think is a good thing). I've discovered thrifting in Provo and my closet is loving me. Digby has been alive for over 6 months. The Bachelor has started. Everything is going well.

It's just this long distance thing that really sucks. 

I think this video is special. It's simple, but somehow the message of love comes across so strongly. It makes me want to give someone a hug and a cookie. Enjoy it:


Namaste 2012!

As a completely non-domesticated and undisciplined procrastinator, I did not do a stellar job of recording my life events in 2011. I wrote in my journal about once a month and it basically turned into a dating diary. All I wrote about was boys. Boys boys, dating, boys, Andy, boys, boys, smiles, boys......
Boring, right?


K well I did a terrible job at keeping up with my day by day activities. My life changed quite a bit over the past year and I don't have much physical evidence to show for it (besides my art, but chhhh who counts that?!)

So I decided to do a mock of the 365 project.
I say mock for 2 reasons:

1. Because I watched 3 of my friends do this project last year and was so fascinated by it I decided to steal their brilliance for my own. Don't judge me peeps. Imitation is the best form of flattery, eh?

2. Because I am soooooo not a photographer. I'm borrowing my little bro's super nice Canon camera for the year (Yeah. The year. Shows how much he uses it. Can't I just keep it?) I keep fiddling with it and all my photos turn orange and my photoshop trial expired and it's just kind of a big mess. A big fun creative unsightly mess! That's why I'm also hoping to throw out a couple of sketches. Sketching is definitely more in my range.

So bear with me peeps. You're welcome to grit your teeth at my unbearably low-res unedited photos. I know I will.

This project's on facebook. Go stalk me there. I'll post some of my stellar photographical works here when I feel like this blog deserves it.

Cheers to the new year!