Once upon a summer in a faraway land called Mormonville, two somewhat ordinary, yet slightly fantastic individuals met over a conversation about the logic behind calling breakfast + dinner, brinner. He was wearing a green shirt, a hat, and flip flops. She laughed at his silliness and his weird last name.

As weeks progressed, he searched for lame reasons to visit her apartment. He'd drag his wing men over to help him borrow movies. He participated in her harry potter movie marathons and he mightily withstood the terror that was her clingy 7 year-old-boy-crazy-sister. Soon enough, he was the first to be called when she stepped on a giant banana slug in the dark and needed someone to come identify, kill, and bury it. She made him sit through a haunting episode of the Bachelor with her friends. He asked her out on a date, and they bonded over frosties, lemonade, and the adoption of a strangely contorted lamp.

Now it's 6 months later, and they're engaged.

By the way.
This story is about Andy and me.
Here's the scoop.

Normal weekend right? Just another visit. Just another 3 days smashed together in between our crazy lives of long distance, and schools, and classes, and homework, and jobs, and sports.
All weekend he wanted to go on a walk and I was like, "sure thing, babe." So after a night of Brian Regan, cheesecake, and smoothies, and then a day of friends, homework, and sneaky trips with his <quote> brother <quote>, he was like "let's go take that walk." So I unsuspiciously pulled on my boots and my ski coat that makes me look pregnant, and we trudged outside into the sleet and snow. We held hands and talked about that one time when we first started dating when we romped all over byu campus and visited the science center and tried to reach our arms around the giant round meteor outside the jsb. After sliding and slipping and laughing and shoving, we reached our plaza. He reminded me that this was where he had pulled out his killer romantic moves and we'd slow-danced to "I am the luckiest." I told him that that was one of my favorite memories of all time. He told me that that was when he knew that he absolutely loved me. And then suddenly, he was beaming.

And then he was on his knee.

And of course, I said yes.


  1. This is such a cute story, Rachel! I told Josh about your engagement and he said "WHAT???" He would love to hear about it if you want to contact him. Check out his blog: eldercrowther.blogspot.com

  2. WHAT!? You are ENGAGED!!! Can I be one of the first to say... Congrats. I'm SUPER happy for you. This picture is awesome. I love it. Merry belated White Christmas!

  3. This is such a cute picture. :) Absolutely enjoyed your romantic engagement story! So happy for you two :)

  4. Rachel I am so happy for you two! I remember when you guys started dating and now you are getting married!!! When is the big day?

  5. HOLY CRAP! That is SO awesome!! YAAAAY FOR BEING ENGAGED!! Just wait til you're married, that's even better! :) Congrats!!

  6. so i definitely approve of this.

    yeaaaah buddy.

  7. I love this!

    especially the part about your ski jacket - mine makes me look incredibly pregnant also.

    Congrats, Rachel!

    p.s. I love your writing.


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