Figured some Drawings

You guys.
I'm engaged.
I still can't get used to this sparkly beauty on my digits. It's phenomenal. I can't stop fiddling with it.
I'm gonna get maaaarrrriieeeedd.

But the strangest thing is that life doesn't stop.
It just keeps rolling!
Oh no, says the world, in fact, since you asked, let's move FASTER!
This week is already over! I can't handle this.
So much school, so much work, so much planning and organizing and handling and being a freakin adult with no play time.
I didn't even make time to watch the Office tonight.

Okay, but I didn't come here to blabber.
I came to show off.

I'm in an intermediate figure drawing class and I thought I'd post some of my successes.
I'm actually really happy about how fast I'm learning and how I'm starting to develop a style.
In my intro to figure drawing class last year I was super intimidated by how everyone seemed to know exactly where they were stylistically, and I was still just struggling with proportions and my thick messy lines.
Now I feel like I'm starting to develop my own style and I'm stoked!
I still suck though. I'm no where close to where I want to be. My gesture drawing is absolutely atrocious. I'm just glad to be at a point where I'm not deathly afraid of anyone flipping through my sketchbook.

So here are some of extremely flawed figure drawings from the past 3 weeks:
To you artists out there: Please leave comments and tips! I'm dying for some criticism here!

Graphite- 40 mins
Fell in love with graphite pencils after this.
Sorry about the glare.

Nupastel- 20mins
(Just to clarify, for the sake of people like Adam Turner, YES he's sitting in a chair)
(Also, you are allowed to ignore his single nipple and foot tumor. He's self conscious.)
Nupastel- 20mins.
Yeah she's kinda husky. Let's just pretend she's a pro rugby player, okay?

Nupastel- 20 mins
Question: how do you avoid the animated face? I couldn't get past it.

Sometimes my teacher lectures and I caricature faces instead of listening. 
Both of these are graphite, about 5 mins each.

Nupastel-30 mins
Ignore the nastiness on the bottom picture. It's awkward.
It's rare that we get a bearded model. I mean, BYU has its standards. No beards, just speedos. 
 My teacher said my drawings look like Dave Matthews. He's right. I see a likeness. 

Nupastel- 20 mins
See? Style! It's coming!

Don't forget to leave a comment.
Can't wait to show you guys what I'm working on in my Illustration class. It's boss. Seriously. If I can actually learn to paint it, that is........

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  1. You have improved so much! They look great! Definitely. Just keep working on line quality and variation. In the one with the chick leaning back in the chair, she looks outlined all over in one thickness, whereas the one right above her has a lot of variation and is a lot more interesting to look at. So just remember that. :) but you're lookin good!


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