Our Song

"This is the First Day of my Life" by Bright Eyes.

We saw Conor Oberst live in Salt Lake back in July. Besides being surrounded by freakishly pierced preteens smoking weed, the concert was pretty fantastic. And this became one of our songs. (One of our many songs. I think we have about 6).
I've made a playlist of music that reminds me of Andy. I listen to it when I'm feeling especially melancholy.

Life is unusually good. I'm pleasantly warm in this obnoxious January sweater weather. I'm recovering from my addiction to Russian Tea Cakes and 11 hours of sleep a night. My roommates are back, my mom misses me and seeks me out to feed me dinner. I belong to an art program and I get to go buy hundreds of dollars worth of painting materials (which I think is a good thing). I've discovered thrifting in Provo and my closet is loving me. Digby has been alive for over 6 months. The Bachelor has started. Everything is going well.

It's just this long distance thing that really sucks. 

I think this video is special. It's simple, but somehow the message of love comes across so strongly. It makes me want to give someone a hug and a cookie. Enjoy it:

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