It's been a while since I've done a music post.
Probably just because it's been a while since I've become absolutely obsessed with anyone, besides Andy. He's kinda distracting.
I think the last time I got obsessed with any music was Young the Giant back in October when I would listen to "My Body" and "I Got" over and over and over. Or maybe when I rediscovered my love for Phoenix and "Consolation Prizes" was on repeat for days.

It's time to introduce someone even cooler:
(pronounced go-tea-yay)

Reasons why he's awesome:
1. He's Australian. Anyone with that kind of accent makes me melt.
2. He doesn't try to conform to what's popular in music these days. In one of his interviews he said that he was surprised when "Somebody I Used to Know" became so wide-spread because he wasn't trying to play to anybody's interest. He just does what he loves.
3. I'm convinced that he is a vampire. Check out these canines!

Wouter de Backer. That's his actual real name. 
Yeah, I would have made myself a stage name too. 
He's originally from Belgium, but his family moved to Australia when he was younger. 
..... I'm thuper jealous of that upbringing. 
He's also a part of "The Basics" (check out With This Ship, that's a good one). 
Gotye's been winning Australian music awards for years, but has just recently crossed over to America with his new album "Making Mirrors" (which, I've got to say, is the strangest album I've ever listened to. It goes from 80's pop to dubstep to brilliance like Somebody That I Used to Know. Not really sure what to think, but whatever, I'll listen to it. He's hot)
The name "Gotye" derived from "Gaultier", the French translation of "Wouter", which is his name. Yeh I totes just wikipedia'd that. Saved you a trip. 

Get a taste of this:
And THIS: 

No words. 
And I gotta say, now is the best time to get to know him. He was on Jimmy Kimmel last night. Time is running out before he starts getting SUPER famous, then all you hipsters will lose interest. 

Other music that's been on my playlist: 

The Light is You, Said the Whale
Everlasting Light, The Black Keys
We Will All Be Changed, Seryn
Dead Hearts, Stars
Two Doves, Dirty Projectors
Came Out of a Lady, Rubblebucket
Thinking of You All Day, SHAKE YOUR PEACE
Wash in the Rain, Band of Bees
Firecracker, Steel Train

Merry February!


  1. I feel honored to have had some part in the inspiration of this blog post. Just so you know. I'm feeling pretty legit right now. :)

  2. DUDE. i listened to him yesterday with Hayley. it was SO fetchin goooooooood. did i also just get his album? yes...

  3. ha! commenting again, last friday my hubby and I were flipping through channels and he was on singing "somebody that I used to know" and I started freaking out. I was like "ohmygosh ohmygosh! I saw this dude on this girl's blog I stalk!" and I made him watch it with me. Thanks again for introducing Gotye to me.


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