Something Scary

Designing my own wedding dress.
That is scary.
Granted, I'm not the one physically sewing it...
But I created the idea, picked the material, and now I'm going to have to wear it.
Like seriously, I'll have to wear it. The money is down. There's no turning back here. I could look like Lady Gaga and I'd be forced to put it on my body and see it in every picture for the rest of my life.
Sometimes I have to question my artistic intelligence.

Today I went in for my very first fitting.
Uber excitement, right?
She has me put on a slip, and then the under-layer of the dress.
I freaked out.
I looked like this:
I was like
Hooooooooooooooooookay. No. Please please no. There are some days that i'm fine looking like a bodacious muffin, but May 5th is not going to be one of those days. 

So after lots of humming and hawwwing and "excuse me but I'm insecure about some itty bitty things" we got it all fixed. 

Now I'm excited again. 
This is how I anticipate I'll look on my special day:

So pumped. 

More to come on wedding plans. It's my favorite thing to think about right now, so you all get to just deal with it for 2 more months. HA!


  1. You are so brave to design your own dress! Granted, you are waaay more artistic than I am. :) I am so excited for you to get married!! it's the best!

  2. HAHAHA this CRACKED me up! I know this feeling all too well!


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