when my mind is blank

Join me for a brief history lesson:

In my french class last week we learned about the Dada cultural movement during WWI.

People have always been concerned about being aesthetically pleasing, making their paintings so precise and perfect and beeyooootiful.
Dadaists took those traditional thoughts and created art that was ugly and intended to offend JUST to say something different. They rejected any reason and logic involved in their culture and basically started an anti-art movement.
This was the groundwork for abstract art, postmodernism and pop-art, people!

For example:

Here we see Marcel Duchamp's piece, The Fountain. Basically he just grabbed a urinal from a men's bathroom, stuck it on a pedestal, painted on his name and called it art. It's regarded as a major landmark of the 20th century.
It's so fantastic because people are searched to interpret the symbolism behind this urinal. It's a freaking urinal! Stretch your mind. Interpret the symbolism behind it.

I love it. I think it's all just fantastic. I want in.

Anyways, our teacher had us do this poetry exercise. Apparently poets in the Dadaism movement would close their eyes, empty their minds, and just write whatever came to their heads and call it poetry.

We tried it.

Here is what came to my head:

Andy's smile. Flowers, art, calligraphy pens and ink. Headbands and stripes. Hearing Beirut on campus makes me happy. Scarves, sex, and food. Hunger means steak. Movies with tears and screams and thought. Freedom in life with easy responsibilities. Time consuming fun. April to august, sun and chlorine and boyfriends. 

It was an interesting exercise. Kind of enlightening. I would recommend trying it. 


Have a good week everyone :)


Things I Regularly Decide to Do at 2am

1. Clip my toenails.

2. Watch "Best Thing I Ever Ate" on the food network.

3. Pluck my eyebrows then stare at my face unblinkingly for a couple minutes.

4. Feed Digby (my beta fish. who is still alive, in case you were wondering).

5. Eat a large bowl of cocoa puffs while skimming pinterest.

6. Download music. A lot of music. Then sort through every song I own to decide which are privileged enough to be on my tiny 8GB iPod.

7. Stalk Andy's baby pictures that he has on his facebook wall. OH MY GOSH HE IS THE CUTEST!

8. Catch up on my 12 different Words With Friends games. My greatest pride and joy was playing "obituary" for 85 points, thank you very much.

9. Watch Katie sleep. Mmmmm..

10. Write blog posts and have way too much fun with my drawing tablet. 

Time for bed?