Easter Eggs

I could try to describe how fantastic my family is. 
But I really can't. 
Like, seriously, I can't. 

So I won't try.

But speaking of AWESOME,
Here are about a million pictures of my awesome family at our Easter picnic today. 

My grandpa says, "And yesterday I was out shoveling snow!"

Oh that's me. Tuna & pickle sandwich right there. Aw yeah.

No, we didn't find him there. And yes, he's alive. 

That bee on the left was teasing us for about 2 hours.

See! Told you that dog was alive.

Sexy and I know it.

My brothers were diving and tackling all the eggs. Cuz they are world class weirdos. 

That's them right there. Couldn't ask for anything better.
Although it's too bad Andy couldn't show his photogenic face at our picnic this year. But it's all good. He's up in Spokane helping his mama before it all starts to happen. 
4 weeks. 
From today. 
You heard me right. 
I can't wait.

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