Mayo & Moonin'

Yeppers. We did it.
It has been exactly 24 days and 9 hours since I left my man at the altar.

Haha just kidding!
We are SO married now!
And honestly, I love it. I love it, love it, love it. I love living with my best friend. I love organizing our home, and cooking us dinner, falling asleep watching TV, driving him to work at 5am. I love our life right now. I love that I am enjoying it all. And I super love Andy.

Enough of that mooshy crap though. 
This blog post will have 2 parts. DAY OF highlights, and HONEYMOON highlights. 
Grit your teeth and bear with me. This is honestly my only written documentation of anything that's happened, so be forgiving if this post is a bit lengthy, or if you discover some of my added on memories that will undoubtedly show up:
Emma Vidmar Photography

-Nerves, nerves and butterflies while driving up to SL. My stomach was in knots. I couldn't eat anything. But I did have a diet coke. You can never be too queasy for a diet coke.
-Andy's bright, clean shaven face. He was late to the breakfast. I was almost worried that he had changed his mind. But then he was there, looking all handsome in his vest and skinny tie.
-Hugging Lara and Katie at the breakfast. I wasn't teary until then. Before that I was all jumpy and excited. At that point my eyes just started streaming. Still worried that I look pink-eyed in all the pictures because of how I started sobbing once Lara did. Darn her.
-Uncle James listing off all of my mom's sisters who were sitting with him as "wife 1, wife 2, wife 3..."
-Sitting in the celestial room, occasionally making a serious or romantic comment, but mostly joking and making each other laugh. I don't know if that is the purpose of letting the bride and groom sit in the celestial room right before they get married, but I'm pretty sure we were having a darn better time than some of them reverent couples in there.
-It's true: you don't remember anything that is said at your sealing. All I remember is whose hand I was holding and how the pad that you kneel on at the altar is unexpectedly bouncy.
-Seeing all my family, all my friends, everyone I love, struggling with the wind as we were jumping up and down, ready to waltz out of those temple doors. (btw I focused really hard on not tripping on that step like every other clumsy bride does. and I DIDN'T STUMBLE! Fist pump!)
-As soon as the pictures at the temple were done, everyone took off, leaving us and the photographer. Us newlyweds were completely forgotten and we ate/drank nothing for about 5 hours. Starving, we called on Andy's brother Zac who brought Andy a rockstar, me a Diet Coke, and both of us subway sandwiches. Saved our lives.
-There were trees in blossom that our photographer had never seen blooming before. She was super excited. I can't wait to see how those friggin pictures turned out. I'm DYING to see them, ahhhhhh....gurrrgggggle....
-My wedding dress turned out exactly as I wanted it. It was worth all the struggle and terror of designing myself. I got so many compliments on it! 
-The DAY BEFORE we got married, Andy had no tie, and I had no shoes. We were in Salt Lake for hours trying to find something. Yes. But it worked out perfectly. We got Andy a black skinny tie that matched all the groomsmen, and I got away with buying a new pair of burlap TOMS. Typical us.
-In true Cinco de Mayo style, the Vidmars provided us all with sombreros for our bridal party photos. Ka-ching.
-The fabric wall that I made (my one and only DIY project for this entire wedding) actually looked awesome! I was super glad to see how it turned out.
-Although it was amazing to see everybody and recieve all those congratulations, we were absolutely exhausted. It's difficult to understand the emotional and physical exhaustion that you go through on your wedding day until you actually get married. We totally hit the wall around 7:00p. But there were still people to see and wedding traditions to be done. We sucked it up and slapped smiles on our faces for 2 more hours. 
-The surprising awkwardness my dad and I found in the daddy/daughter dance. I really should have used the song '500 miles' by the Proclaimers rather than the slow song I chose.
-My cute cousin Ellie caught my bouquet. Oh and my bouquet was perfect. So so so perfect.
-Dancing to "The Luckiest" with Andy. That was the song that we danced to at the JFSB plaza, the place where he proposed. So sentimental. I felt like it was just us in the room.
-I totally expected Andy to stuff cake all over my face and dress. I sure got him pretty good. But, like a true gentlemen, he kindly fed it only to my mouth.
-Can't forget the INCREDIBLE reception that Andy's mom put together. Someday, I hope to be as crafty and stylish as she is. Photographed by Andy's sister Emma, (pictures HERE)
-Finally realizing that the chaos was over, that I was married to my best friend, that we were about to have a full week all to ourselves full of non-stop fun. We took off running under a tunnel of sparklers and didn't look back. 
Jessica Kettle Photography
-The utter awesomeness that our siblings wrote on our getaway car. Things like "No longer a noob, gettin some boob". (When dad picked this car up from the airport to drive home, he spit cleaned all the words off because he was wayyy to embarrased to drive that thing home)
-We had no directions getting to the hotel, so naturally we got lost. It took us a solid 30 minutes to get to a hotel that was no more than 5 miles away. At one point we were on the other side of the freeway. But they gave us a suite on the very top floor overlooking Salt Lake, which was awesome. Not that we were extremely concerned about the view...
-Meeting Andy's grandparents who he hasn't seen for like 5 years. They housed us and fed us ribs and corn on the cob. They were such amazing hosts and we were so grateful to them for letting us stay there. Andy was so glad we got to see them.
-1/2 the people on the cruise ship were from Utah. In all honesty. At every show, in every hot tub, at every meal... Mormons were everywhere.
-We walked into our room on the cruise for the first time to find 2 twin beds on either side of the room. Happy honeymoon babe! We pushed them together, left for dinner, came back and they'd made it into a queen sized bed. Crisis averted. 
-Room service on the cruise. One time they brought me 2 peices of chocolate cake instead of the chocolate milk that I ordered. Best mistake ever. 
-Totally got away with wearing a bikini the whole time. No glares or stares. I loved the escape from Utah.
-Unlimited pizza. Unlimited hot sandwiches. Unlimited chocolate milk. Heaven. 
-There was a bright yellow waterslide on the top of the ship that we vowed to go on when we stepped onto the boat. Yeah.... that never happened. 
-Walking up the street in Ensenada, eating salty mango slices, avoiding all he hagglers who were yelling, "Hey honeymooooooners! Hey cute couple! I got nice things for your pretty bride heeeeere!"
-The view in the bus on the way to our "La Bufadora/Blowhole excursion".
-Every night for desert I would get a chocolate melting cake, and Andy would get lime ice cream.
-How exactly I broke my new blue sunglasses from Catalina Island. 
-Playing chess & battleship & dominoes in the library. Sometimes when we were feeling especially antisocial, we would just stay in our room and watch Big Bang Theory on Andy's laptop for hours. 
-The terror I felt after plunging my face into the water in Catalina Island. We went scuba diving in Lover's cove, but little did I know there would be literally THOUSANDS of fish in my face! I jumped out of the water and screamed, giving Andy good reason to make fun of me for the rest of my life. 
-Our waiter from the Phillipines, singing "When the moon hits your eyes like a big peice of pie that's amore...."
-Robbie Rich. The guy at our dinner table who was a perfect mix of Rainn Wilson and Jason Segel.
-The creepy china doll at Andy's grandparent's house.
-Watching the Hangover on the plane ride to Washington.
Saying goodbye to Grandpa Vidmar

The cruise ship was so big!

Check out this cool slide! ...That... we never went on.... lame...

We is hot, ya

Oh hey smexy

We wear hoodies when we go tubbin' cuz it be cold in May 
Random buffalo was parked with the go carts

Andy knew the guy who put up our church. Represent!


Found us a spot of beach... 
Andy bought himself a douche tee. He sported it with pride.

Before the crazy snorkeling excursion

What the...

Favorite candid. That right there is a yawn.

Ensenada. Mmmmm

Finding our inner schmexy

Exhaustion. You'd think that after a week of relaxing we'd be full of energy. Oh no. 

And that's it! Now we're married, falling into a routine, loving life. Sorry for the long post. Making up for lost time. You can just deal with that.


  1. Cute! Congrats again Rach!

  2. Rachel, this is wonderful. I will have to start a blog and write down our wedding memories and our first year :)


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