Beardy McBeardface

My hubby has been growing out his beard ever since we got married. That's been, ohhhh, about 2 1/2 months. And since he's such a hairy dude, his face became like velcro. Mmmmmm nothing like kissing velcro!!
The reason for the beard? Besides the excuse to be super lazy and not shave?
My aunt used to work at the LDS casting studio and they were looking for Jewish-looking men folk to be in the New Testament film.
Andy is the definition of Jewish looking. I mean, look at that shnoze!
They cast him as an extra and we spent our Saturdays waiting for a call so he could go film.
But the call never came.
And his face was getting itchy.
So off came the beard.
And out came my camera and our sense of humor!

The beginning of the end.
A few strokes later...
For some, shaving is a serious business. But not for me.
...oh hi...
Going.... Okay, this was my favorite...

And here is the final product!!

Yeah, I know you're jealous.


Peanutbutta Project

So this bummer summer semester I decided to take an Intro to Photography class, which has proved to be extremely beneficial. I've been borrowing my little brother's Canon camera for the past 7 months and it's basically been stuck on every automatic setting ever since I picked it up. I'm learning some super useful things in this class.
Also, my brain is clogging up with numbers and information.
Also, I'm not allowed to use any automatic settings anymore.
So... for our first project we were supposed to pick a subject and focus on cropping and depth of field, while also keeping in mind the ISO, shutter speed, and aperture. Mumble jumble blahdee blahh numbers ughhh.
Working on it.
I stole my little sister and cousin, placed a jar of peanut butter in front of them, and told them to have at it. And I believe I was successful.
So here is what I came up with:

Oh wait. Please forgive the 100% uneditedness. 'Twas a requirement for the project.


Any favorites? Any tips? Leave a comment.


Sparks, Parades, and my GoshdarnawesomeFamily

This was hands down the best 4th of July celebration I've ever had. So so so much fun. 

I mean, lookit.  I can't friggin stand how awesome my family is. 
But I won't bore you by talking about it, I'll just show you.
Because I just happen to be taking a photography class and I'm a little bit obsessed with my Canon camera right now. 
(fyi- I don't know how to use a canon camera. Someday my pictures will be as pretty as all them cute mommy bloggers. But until then, just deal with the amaturishness, mmkay?) 




And with that, have a happy birthday 'Merica.