Beardy McBeardface

My hubby has been growing out his beard ever since we got married. That's been, ohhhh, about 2 1/2 months. And since he's such a hairy dude, his face became like velcro. Mmmmmm nothing like kissing velcro!!
The reason for the beard? Besides the excuse to be super lazy and not shave?
My aunt used to work at the LDS casting studio and they were looking for Jewish-looking men folk to be in the New Testament film.
Andy is the definition of Jewish looking. I mean, look at that shnoze!
They cast him as an extra and we spent our Saturdays waiting for a call so he could go film.
But the call never came.
And his face was getting itchy.
So off came the beard.
And out came my camera and our sense of humor!

The beginning of the end.
A few strokes later...
For some, shaving is a serious business. But not for me.
...oh hi...
Going.... Okay, this was my favorite...

And here is the final product!!

Yeah, I know you're jealous.

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