Awake my Soul

Yeah I know. It's about time that I blogged about one of the most fantastic nights of my life.
That's right. 
I saw Mumford and Sons live at the Saltair on Wednesday. 
I convinced Andy a couple months ago that my happiness was worth the $70 per ticket, and at the time he very much did not agree with me. But once I said that he was allowed to by Halo 4 when it came out he was completely on board. Great compromising skills, right?

I can't even explain how awesome the Saltair is. According to the wikipedia article, the first Saltair resort was built in the 1890's and was the western version of Coney Island. It was a super popular amusement park built right on the edge of the Great Salt Lake. Only problem was it kept burning down and going out of business until it finally shut down during the great depression. Recently they've been trying to start it back up by having concerts there and now they've had Panic at the Disco, Ke$ha, Dave Matthews Band, and a bunch of others perform there and it's getting to be big again. 

So so pretty. Just an amazing venue. 
We walked inside, thinking it was going to be an indoor concert. It was busy with all the food stands and people using the bathrooms. There was a line going upstairs that only people over the age of 21 were allowed to join. The balcony was filled with drunk people having a riot, which left the lower floor to US!

Heck, we weren't complaining.
We got to stretch out, lay down on the grass, watch the sunset.
I mean, check out this view!!
We settled ourself right next to the fence. We were able to sit on the grass and still see. So awesome. Andy was quite content. 
The pre-show finally started. It was Slow Club and Nathaniel Rateliff. Not bad bands--I was entertained. I'd never heard of them before.

...and then.... and then.... and then... it was MUMFORD TIME!
I was hopping up and down. We ran forward to get a better view. I had tears in my eyes. Oh my good golly gosh because there was Marcus Mumford, about 70 feet away from my ears.

And this was the first picture of them that I took:

Now prepare yourself for a buttload of Mumford awesomeness because you can bet your bottom dollar that I took a million pictures.

They had this monstrous HD screen next to the stage and like 8 different camera men all over that took fantastic closeup videos of the entire band. 

And then it was over way too fast. Extremely way too fast. But I've never had so much fun at a concert in my life. They were absolutely perfect. Sounded just like their CD. 
Some highlights:
  • They came out on stage to the "Nottingham" song from the Disney Robin Hood because Robin Hood is Marcus' favorite super hero.
  • Winston talked about how they walked all around Salt Lake and saw the "big church where there was lots of weddings" and the "big building where you could fit 30,000"and that they ate at the Blue Lemon Café and it was fantastic. 
  • Since we were right next to the Great Salt Lake there were a million bugs and Winston said "Is anyone else getting bitten to shit?"
  • One of my favorite phrases that they said was "Thanks for being dead nice". 
  • They said that the Saltair was one of the coolest venues that they'd ever played at. And dude, they've toured all over Europe. But I'm sure all bands say that. 
Ahhh so fun I just want to go back. I hope they come again because Andy said the even HE would go again if they came back to Salt Lake. 

Well goodbye Marcus. Until next time. 


Adventuretime in the SL

I realize that all of my posts within the last few months have been extremely picture heavy, but that's mostly because I've just become obsessed with figuring out how my brother's Canon works. He just sold it to me a couple of days ago so now it's MINE! I swear, I'll start posting my regular stuff about life sometime but taking a million pictures is just too much fun. So bear with me as I go through this hopefully short-lived photography obsession. 

Me, Estee, and Lexi took a morning trip up to Salt Lake this past Saturday to celebrate... um... our friendship and fatty waffles? Yep. We made a trip up to Bruges Waffles and happened to stumble upon the most amazing farmers market. Apparently it happens every Saturday morning throughout the month of August in Pioneer Park. 

Probably my favorite part about this place. 

These fries are oh-so-good!!!

What's it called? Waffle Monster? 2 Waffles, strawberries, vanilla ice cream, and some kind of crunchy cookie schmeary yumminess. 

Farmers market. So many types of people up in Salt Lake. Nice fresh break from the Mormon Provo scene.

Estée was so excited about her new Stevia plant. We dubbed her "Stella". 

Right Andy?? Riiiiiight?

There were just a TON of dogs everywhere. They had water coolers with doggy bowls ate every corner. 

That's right. I got to feed the goose. 

Yes. That guy has a cat on his shoulder. 

Um yeah, we can't be that close to the mall without going to the Anthropologie. Like really? It's like a beacon of hope and love for all future home-makers. I could spend hours in there. Not even a joke. I made it out alive and with a monster teacup and an amazing candle. 

I got the one 2nd to the bottom
Guys. Best smelling candle on earth. 

I remembered that I had a $20 gift card to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory so we bought like 3 caramel apples and a butt load of truffles.

Yum. And that was our awesome day. We're gonna make this a monthly thing. Pick an obscure restaurant, buy stuff at a mall, and talk about college life. 
Lurrrrve it!



Can I just brag for a second that I have the most talented wedding photographer ever? Her amazingness totally makes up for the fact that I'm getting my photos now, 3 months later.
But AHHHHHHHHHHHH why on earth would I be worrying about that with such loveliness before my face?
I'm just the tiniest bit totally obsessed. I've probably looked at every picture at least 15 times in the last 24 hours. They are just that fantastic. 

Here are some of my favorites from the actual wedding. I'll post detail pictures from the reception later because I want to brag about the rest of our vendor people too :D

Most of these were taken by Jessica Kettle herself, but she also had a second shooter with her who shot with film. Stroke of genius on their part, yes?

I can't look at these without being reminded of how perfect that day was. Holy crap, happiest, most beautiful day of my life. 

As of now, we've been married 3 months. I'm sitting on our bed with my computer on my lap and Andy on my right. He's falling asleep listening to Daniel Tosh. His face is so familiar now. Now he's bearded, both of us have probably gained 10 pounds, our apartment is a mess, and crazy family events have happened since cinco de mayo....but I can honestly say that I've never been happier than I am right this second. And it's cool, because I know it's just going to get better. And better. 

Go team :D