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I realize that all of my posts within the last few months have been extremely picture heavy, but that's mostly because I've just become obsessed with figuring out how my brother's Canon works. He just sold it to me a couple of days ago so now it's MINE! I swear, I'll start posting my regular stuff about life sometime but taking a million pictures is just too much fun. So bear with me as I go through this hopefully short-lived photography obsession. 

Me, Estee, and Lexi took a morning trip up to Salt Lake this past Saturday to celebrate... um... our friendship and fatty waffles? Yep. We made a trip up to Bruges Waffles and happened to stumble upon the most amazing farmers market. Apparently it happens every Saturday morning throughout the month of August in Pioneer Park. 

Probably my favorite part about this place. 

These fries are oh-so-good!!!

What's it called? Waffle Monster? 2 Waffles, strawberries, vanilla ice cream, and some kind of crunchy cookie schmeary yumminess. 

Farmers market. So many types of people up in Salt Lake. Nice fresh break from the Mormon Provo scene.

Estée was so excited about her new Stevia plant. We dubbed her "Stella". 

Right Andy?? Riiiiiight?

There were just a TON of dogs everywhere. They had water coolers with doggy bowls ate every corner. 

That's right. I got to feed the goose. 

Yes. That guy has a cat on his shoulder. 

Um yeah, we can't be that close to the mall without going to the Anthropologie. Like really? It's like a beacon of hope and love for all future home-makers. I could spend hours in there. Not even a joke. I made it out alive and with a monster teacup and an amazing candle. 

I got the one 2nd to the bottom
Guys. Best smelling candle on earth. 

I remembered that I had a $20 gift card to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory so we bought like 3 caramel apples and a butt load of truffles.

Yum. And that was our awesome day. We're gonna make this a monthly thing. Pick an obscure restaurant, buy stuff at a mall, and talk about college life. 
Lurrrrve it!

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  1. holy crap! I need some of those waffles! like, now! and I freaking love farmer's markets. I need to go there too.


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