Older and Grosser

So this post really isn't related to anything, as it should be.
Considering the catastrophically large events that have happened in the past few weeks.
Namely my family moving across the country my sister leaving on her mission and my grandparents selling their house and school starting and me being pregnant and all that.
Hah! Totally got you on that pregnant thing. You're eyes went like this, right? O_O
I'm not pregnant.
But all this other stuff is giving me all kinds of stress.
Like to the point that my right eye was twitching constantly for 4 days straight.
And I had a migraine and was handicapped for a couple of hours.
And Andy just LOVES this side of me.
He really is so supportive. To the point, actually, it's kind of sickening to watch.
Like there I'll be, lying on the couch, again, for the third time that day, squeaking out something about how terrible it is for my family to have the nerve to care more for their overall well-being than my sanity.
And Andy relaxes next to me, stroking my hair as he watches Arrested Development and feeds me coffee ice-cream.
Honest to gosh, I don't know how he puts up with me.

So maybe I'll post about them moving sometime. I took a million picture of them moving out. I think it was easier to watch from behind a camera than in person.

But for now, lets set my droopy feelings aside and check out a coolio video:

I saw this video yesterday on my favorite French art blog (mmmmyesss I follow a French art blog because oui oui I speak the Francais)! The blog is called Fubiz and posts similar artsy stuff as This is Colossal and BOOOOOOOM!, which, yes, are art blogs too.

It's just a film of a bunch of people saying their age. But they do it in order so its from 1 to 100.

Oh and they're speaking Dutch. So I'd like to formally dedicate this video post to Estée.

This video scared me to death.
It started out cool. I was like,
awww cute foreign kids using guttural noises as they count! how sweet.
And then I was like okay, now you're starting to get gross. Stop getting older k? go back to the cute kids.
And then I started going
That 94 year old man FREAKED me out.
This video gave me an irrational fear of getting old. I've always been looking forward to old age and stuff and now it just flat creeps me out. It looks gross and awful. Puts me on edge.
But this video was a cool idea.

So I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.
Wish me luck with my emotions.
God speed.


  1. i laughed hysterically at mr. 94.

    also, check out mr. 56 and mr. 77 for a good laugh.
    agreed about the age thing. i deal with old people on a daily basis and i've decided i have less patience for them than i do with children. woops.


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