Me? Materialistic? Nahh....

You only need to be my follower on pinterest to know just how incredibly materialistic I can be.
I feel like everything I pin is at one point going to land in my future, whether it's my home, my closet, my hands, my stomach, whatever. My motto is: If I pin it, it shall be mine. Eventually. 

Most of the grant money we got when we got married went towards me. Andy bought me a brand new pretty shiny 15" Macbook Pro, paid for my tuition, and let me buy whatever art supplies I wanted needed. That, my friends, is a very large chunk of money. And he got himself zip. nada. null. Andy sees my greedy puppy face and just melts into a puddle and buys me whatever I want. One time I made the mistake of walking into Forever 21 without him. When he came to join me I had 4 different sweaters in my arms and I was jumping up and down going please please please please pleeease can I have them pleeease Andy? Pleeease?
And with a small amount of humming and hawwing from him they were mine.

Now I've got it in my head that I am in desperate need of an iPhone.

And this is the ONE TIME that Andy decided to get a backbone. Really! It's at this point that he decided to grow a pair and stand up to me.

He says that iPhones are expensive and involve a long term commitment and he's not sure that's something he wants to make a large investment in.

Practical fool.

My reasoning is that I have a rather grim phone history and I.... I just.... I NEED A SLEEK NEW BEAUTIFULLY FUNCTIONING SMART PHONE.

excellent cases, no?
1&2 are from this etsy shop
3 is from here, 4&5 from UO
My current phone is a 2 year old piece of <insert expletive here> that blanks out on me 1/2 the time and has giant black blotches all over the screen. (Just fyi, when you text me, I am trying to decipher at least %30 of what you're saying.)
Before the phone that I have now, I had this magnificent black brick that lasted 4 entire years. During the last 6 months of its life it was duct-taped together. At one point I had to squeeze the phone together in order for it to power on and send a text.

1st world problems, ammiright?

If you've done this difficult math problem correctly you'll have noticed that I've had 2, yes that's only 2 phones in my lifetime. I, Rachel, have never permanently lost or broken a phone.

So..... it makes sense that I deserve and iPhone, right?

And there are just so many app bandwagons that I am desperate to jump on. I have never touched Instagram in my life...... sniff...

In conclusion,
Andy, my dearest, if you happen to read this blog post (which is incredibly unlikely since he has yet to ever see my blog), will you set aside all knowledge of my bad materialistic habits and allow me to purchase an iPhone, and by doing so, allow me to enter into this wonderful technological age we live in?


Post Script:
Okay, all sarcasm aside, I know of some people who have said that their iPhone is one of the best purchases they've ever made. They say its an incredible investment. If you've got a iPhone, would you be a dear and leave me a comment saying why I should or shouldn't pursue this craving of mine?