Au Revoir November!

Basically, I laughed too hard at the brilliance of this. And the rest of these.
Gah I love gifs.

I'm struggling with my lack of Christmas spirit. Because there is no snow and we don't have a tree and my family's christmas traditions are all happening in Virginia, I sometimes forget that tomorrow is DECEMBER. Whaaaaaaat no. So I've been forcing myself to listen to Christmas music even though I feel like it could still be September. It's a little odd and it feels a bit out of place but I am determined to feel some kind of nostalgia this season.

My preferred Christmas music is not that 80's stuff that you hear on the radio all day. Oh no. There are recent covers of those lame classic songs. Last year I made a playlist of my favorite Christmas songs covered by like Coldplay and Bright Eyes and She & Him and Death Cab. Meander on over there if you feel like joining today's real life culture.

I also found this great website called "Hey It's Christmas" and they have free downloadable Christmas albums from the past 3 years. I'm making my way through 2012's right now and it's... well it's no Bing Crosby.  But if you're looking for a change in your Christmas rhythm, I recommend it.

Don't get me wrong. I do spend quite a bit of time listening to my "Swingin' Christmas Channel" on Pandora. Sometimes you just have to let The Beach Boys sing their "Little St. Nick."

Goodbye November!


Gurlz 2 Missionaries

I'm pretty sure that every single girl at BYU is leaving on an LDS mission right this second. 
Pretty sure that's true. 
Pretty sure. 
I've seen about 15 of my friends open their mission call in the past 2 weeks. 
That last sentence really isn't an exaggeration. 
Granted I am 20 years old so naturally most of my girl friends are about 20 years old, which now makes them eligible to be a missionary.
That seems so crazy now.

(BTW my half-birthday was last week which makes me 20.5 years old so let me quickly congratulate myself )


Of course I'm happy for them all. I mean a mission is an amazing thing. My sister Becca is on a mission right now and I couldn't be more happy about that. She's great. Basically born to be a missionary. I see how going on a mission changed Andy. He's a loony when it comes to discipline and working hard. It did him real good. 

Sometimes I start to wonder: if I wasn't married, would I be looking into going on a mission? Would I be in the mission field as well as my sister and all of my freshman friends? Serving the Lord and all that? Sometimes I start to wonder that... then I go Aw hell, I'm freaking married! To a STUD. I BEAT YOU ALL, SUCKAS!

Hah. Because that's the goal right?......For some people? 

Okay, the real thing I'm getting at with all this is this:
I am SO GLAD that the minimum age requirement for girls going on a mission changed from age 21 to 19. I felt like when marriage wasn't directly in sight and graduation was coming up quick, some BYU girls thought they had failed. And because they couldn't see how they could continue living in Provo UT as an unmarried 21 year old woman, they felt that the only remaining option was to drop everything and head out on a mission.
Stupid Utah culture. 
Yes, okay, I'm not exactly an expert on this subject because I'm married at 20.5 years of age. Never even had that opportunity to go on a mission. But I was raised with those who had that mindset and I was determined to be without it. Before meeting Andy my plans were graduate with a BFA after having done study abroads in France and dating a zillion french speaking hotties, then working for Pixar as their number one concept artist. I DID have plans and I was excited for them. Yes, those dreams fizzled slightly when I said "I do" and suddenly thirsted for babies and a pretty home, BUT for a SECOND I was going to be a successful artist. I guess I just don't see how some girls see marriage as the end. The goal. The finale. That is their dream--to be hitched eternally to their prince charming and pop out thousands of beautiful babies. And then their life is free and done. They can't see anything past that. 
And while marriage is great and fantastic and my favorite, I don't believe it to be the end. I love that my life is going to be such a journey and that it keeps going and I can keep living and growing and stuff. 
Wow this blog post really took a turn for the cheesy. Not my intention. 

Morale of the story:
Yay for young sister missionaries. Yay for all my friends who have decided to drop pinterest and iphones and instagram and school to serve the church and do amazing things. Yay that all my friends who are leaving are solid women with strong testimonies and willpower to do great things, not flimsy dreamers with no clues about life. You guys rock my world. Let the force be with you all! 



I would just like you all to know that I have created the perfect Pandora station. 

Yes. THE perfect station. 

You're thinking, 
Hang on there a second Rachel. Pandora stations are iffy. It's called PANDORA for a reason, ammiright? The point is that you don't know what you're going to get next. Jeez Louise.

K hold your confusion and allow me to elaborate. 

Through meticulous 'thumb upping' and 'thumb downing' and adding a few well thought out 'artist seeds', I've gotten to a point where it takes 8-9 fantastic songs before it is time to skip some kind of lame..... I dunno.... XX song. (I apologize to those who like the XX. They bore me.) I believe that is as perfect a station as you can get.

I like to think of it as some kind of complicated dish that I've been continuously making over the past few years. A little Beirut here, a touch of Dry the River, a sprinkle of Passion Pit, a dash of Phoenix....
I know you all have your preferred Pandora playlists. I am just becoming so proud of my Pandora baby. 
She's learned my taste!


I decided this station was at its peak moment when it played these songs all in a row:

"False Creek Change" by Said the Whale
"Memories & Dust" by Josh Pyke
"Always Remember" by Ry Cuming
"Good To Sea" by Pinback
"All I Know" by Matt the Electrician
"Crooked Lust" by Bowerbirds
"Come on Eileen" by Dexys Midnight Runners
"World News" by Local Natives
then "First Day of my Life" by Bright Eyes as a sentimental finale. 

So, if you are attached to any of the bands I've listed in this blog post, I invite you to click on THIS LINK to my Pandora account and start listening to "THE PERFECT STATION"

The end. 

This past week I was in LA and San Diego with Andy's family for Thanksgiving. I took SO MANY VIDEOS and hardly any pictures, so I'm going to work on compiling a video of our trip in the next few days. Maybe. I hope. 


Dima Rebus, favorite artist #19

In case you're wondering if I have an organized series of favorite artists, I do not.
I just assign a number when I find an artist I like. 
Just to confuse you.  

As you look at these morbid and edgy paintings by Dima Rebus, I suggest you listen to this song by Bowerbirds to enhance your experience. 
The tone of the song and the tone of these awesome watercolor paintings seem to reflect each other. 

I mean, check out the lyrics from this song:

And no, you're not alone. No, my cousins, you're not alone.
You're in our talons now, and we're never letting go.

You're in our headlights, frozen, and no, we're not stopping.
You may not believe, but even we were scared at first.
It takes a lot of nerve to destroy this wondrous earth.
We're only human; this at least we've learned.

A little unsettling, right?

These paintings make me really want to learn how to watercolor again. There's a certain style that comes with watercoloring. Oil painting has taken over my brain and I've completely forgotten how to do it. (I have proof of this in my sketchbook from that one time a few weeks ago I tried to watercolor a donut. Yup. It looks like a 2 year old did it.) 
Maybe I'll take a watercolor class when we move up to Idaho in January. It's a thought.

Okay, be sure to press play. Check this guy out:


Absolutely and exactly what I love. Subtle. Creepy. Really edgy. My favorite.

See a lot more here at his website: 

And keep listening to Bowerbirds. Their albums are great. 


The One Where Rachel Likes Snow

"What is wrong with you?? Seriously, something is wrong with your insides. Why are you like that!?"

This is something that Andy has been saying to me quite often as of late.
And no, he is not being abusive.
He says this because he sits in our apartment in a tshirt and shorts, while I am wrapped up in 2 thick blankets, sweatpants, long socks, a sweatshirt, and a scarf, and my teeth are still chattering.

I think I inherited my mom's chronic sensitivity to cold.

We in Utah seem to hate the weather, no matter what season it is. Although we do get all 4 seasons, spring and fall last about 2 weeks, we roast in the summer and get frostbite in the winter. Never ever in my life have I ever been a fan of the cold. I start shivering the second that 32ยบ air touches my body. I'm also hilariously uncoordinated so skiing and sledding scare me to death. Although Christmas is great and I sure do love a nice cup of hot chocolate, winter has never been my time.

But now, despite my long history of hating winter, I think that wintertime is the most romantic time of the year.

That might be because I have a living space heater named Andy Vidmar around me at all times (I just pretend that he doesn't mind me pressing my icy cold toes against him.) It also could be because our entire courtship basically happened over the 5 of the coldest months of the year. But mostly, when it's snowy and freezing and we're sliding across the ice, it mostly just reminds me of that one time when he asked me to marry him.

Okay fine. I like the snow because I got this amazing new coat from H&M and I'm just happy to have an excuse to wear it everywhere I go.


My Life Lately

Well helllllooooooo there blog world. 
I'd like to turn your attention to my blog's newest face lift.
I'm still making adjustments but I'm really proud of my baby. I spent way more time than I'd care to admit learning new html codes and figuring out my wacom tablet. But alas, here be the results. 

It's been a super busy month. Luckily, I captured a few moments on my handy dandy new
(yes, I most likely am the most spoiled newly-wed around. luckily, andy is just as excited to play with my phone as I am. and don't worry, he'll get a new phone in february when his current plan expires)

So now that I am able to, here is my LIFE LATELY ACCORDING TO MY IPHONE post:

Something else I've been doing this past month:

My ex-roomie Katie got engaged to her beau and asked me to shoot some engagements. I'm so glad I took that Intro to Photography class this summer because now I feel like I can be helpful in these areas. Adam and Katie guys are so awkward adorable and these photoshoots were tons of fun. 

Sorry Katie. I had to include this one because it is just hilariously awkward.
Other than redo-ing my blog and taking some pictures, I've been going to school, and going to school for me involves a whole lot of drawing and painting. I'll be sure to post some pictures of my art soon because good golly gosh I feel like I've come so far since the beginning of this semester.

Only a few more weeks of school left. I really think I can do it!
Wish me luck.