Au Revoir November!

Basically, I laughed too hard at the brilliance of this. And the rest of these.
Gah I love gifs.

I'm struggling with my lack of Christmas spirit. Because there is no snow and we don't have a tree and my family's christmas traditions are all happening in Virginia, I sometimes forget that tomorrow is DECEMBER. Whaaaaaaat no. So I've been forcing myself to listen to Christmas music even though I feel like it could still be September. It's a little odd and it feels a bit out of place but I am determined to feel some kind of nostalgia this season.

My preferred Christmas music is not that 80's stuff that you hear on the radio all day. Oh no. There are recent covers of those lame classic songs. Last year I made a playlist of my favorite Christmas songs covered by like Coldplay and Bright Eyes and She & Him and Death Cab. Meander on over there if you feel like joining today's real life culture.

I also found this great website called "Hey It's Christmas" and they have free downloadable Christmas albums from the past 3 years. I'm making my way through 2012's right now and it's... well it's no Bing Crosby.  But if you're looking for a change in your Christmas rhythm, I recommend it.

Don't get me wrong. I do spend quite a bit of time listening to my "Swingin' Christmas Channel" on Pandora. Sometimes you just have to let The Beach Boys sing their "Little St. Nick."

Goodbye November!

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