Gurlz 2 Missionaries

I'm pretty sure that every single girl at BYU is leaving on an LDS mission right this second. 
Pretty sure that's true. 
Pretty sure. 
I've seen about 15 of my friends open their mission call in the past 2 weeks. 
That last sentence really isn't an exaggeration. 
Granted I am 20 years old so naturally most of my girl friends are about 20 years old, which now makes them eligible to be a missionary.
That seems so crazy now.

(BTW my half-birthday was last week which makes me 20.5 years old so let me quickly congratulate myself )


Of course I'm happy for them all. I mean a mission is an amazing thing. My sister Becca is on a mission right now and I couldn't be more happy about that. She's great. Basically born to be a missionary. I see how going on a mission changed Andy. He's a loony when it comes to discipline and working hard. It did him real good. 

Sometimes I start to wonder: if I wasn't married, would I be looking into going on a mission? Would I be in the mission field as well as my sister and all of my freshman friends? Serving the Lord and all that? Sometimes I start to wonder that... then I go Aw hell, I'm freaking married! To a STUD. I BEAT YOU ALL, SUCKAS!

Hah. Because that's the goal right?......For some people? 

Okay, the real thing I'm getting at with all this is this:
I am SO GLAD that the minimum age requirement for girls going on a mission changed from age 21 to 19. I felt like when marriage wasn't directly in sight and graduation was coming up quick, some BYU girls thought they had failed. And because they couldn't see how they could continue living in Provo UT as an unmarried 21 year old woman, they felt that the only remaining option was to drop everything and head out on a mission.
Stupid Utah culture. 
Yes, okay, I'm not exactly an expert on this subject because I'm married at 20.5 years of age. Never even had that opportunity to go on a mission. But I was raised with those who had that mindset and I was determined to be without it. Before meeting Andy my plans were graduate with a BFA after having done study abroads in France and dating a zillion french speaking hotties, then working for Pixar as their number one concept artist. I DID have plans and I was excited for them. Yes, those dreams fizzled slightly when I said "I do" and suddenly thirsted for babies and a pretty home, BUT for a SECOND I was going to be a successful artist. I guess I just don't see how some girls see marriage as the end. The goal. The finale. That is their dream--to be hitched eternally to their prince charming and pop out thousands of beautiful babies. And then their life is free and done. They can't see anything past that. 
And while marriage is great and fantastic and my favorite, I don't believe it to be the end. I love that my life is going to be such a journey and that it keeps going and I can keep living and growing and stuff. 
Wow this blog post really took a turn for the cheesy. Not my intention. 

Morale of the story:
Yay for young sister missionaries. Yay for all my friends who have decided to drop pinterest and iphones and instagram and school to serve the church and do amazing things. Yay that all my friends who are leaving are solid women with strong testimonies and willpower to do great things, not flimsy dreamers with no clues about life. You guys rock my world. Let the force be with you all! 

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