The One Where Rachel Likes Snow

"What is wrong with you?? Seriously, something is wrong with your insides. Why are you like that!?"

This is something that Andy has been saying to me quite often as of late.
And no, he is not being abusive.
He says this because he sits in our apartment in a tshirt and shorts, while I am wrapped up in 2 thick blankets, sweatpants, long socks, a sweatshirt, and a scarf, and my teeth are still chattering.

I think I inherited my mom's chronic sensitivity to cold.

We in Utah seem to hate the weather, no matter what season it is. Although we do get all 4 seasons, spring and fall last about 2 weeks, we roast in the summer and get frostbite in the winter. Never ever in my life have I ever been a fan of the cold. I start shivering the second that 32ยบ air touches my body. I'm also hilariously uncoordinated so skiing and sledding scare me to death. Although Christmas is great and I sure do love a nice cup of hot chocolate, winter has never been my time.

But now, despite my long history of hating winter, I think that wintertime is the most romantic time of the year.

That might be because I have a living space heater named Andy Vidmar around me at all times (I just pretend that he doesn't mind me pressing my icy cold toes against him.) It also could be because our entire courtship basically happened over the 5 of the coldest months of the year. But mostly, when it's snowy and freezing and we're sliding across the ice, it mostly just reminds me of that one time when he asked me to marry him.

Okay fine. I like the snow because I got this amazing new coat from H&M and I'm just happy to have an excuse to wear it everywhere I go.

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