The Katie Parade

So my lover roommate ex-roommate Katherine Dianne is getting hitched to her Adam man in a mere 11 days. 

Being her most prized friend, it was partly my job to make sure she had a stellar bachelorette party and bridal shower. 

Her bachelorette party was to consist of dinner and dancing. Our plan was to go to Hooters for the dinner. The one Hooters in all of Utah is located in Sandy, so all of us jumped into my car dressed in our short skirts and high heels ready for some grub. But as we made our way to Hooters, we started thinking about the likelihood that this particular Hooters would be some kind of skummy smelly version of Wingers with waitresses that were slutty maybe 15 years ago. Ew. Not bachelorette party worthy. 
So we continued down the street to the one and only Cheesecake Factory.

Mmm much better. 

We spent a good amount of time there, chatting about married life, chatting about unmarried life, making our waiter extremely uncomfortable when he happened across us comparing boob sizes (yes that really happened). 
Then it was off to Area 51 for some extreme booty shaking. 
Andy still doesn't believe me when I say I discovered my inner sexy. 
There really is nothing sexy about how awkward I am and he sure does like to laugh at that. 
Then again, his only dance move is to flap like a chicken, so...

moi, joelly, katie, and jen
We were narrowly able to escape from the flock of men who lusted after our obvious Mormon hotness (I mean come on, we were all basically in cap sleeves and leggings. We didn't fool a soul.) Really, we just ended up dancing in our own circle and no one bothered us. Except for this one gentleman who still didn't feel like leaving even after we informed him that we were all married. "So am I" was his response. Such classy people up there in the hood of Salt Lake City. 
So that was our night. Clubbin' and chewin. So fun!

The next afternoon was Katie's bridal shower. A few weeks ago I designed her invites, which were super cute looking btw, and we sent them out to a pretty hefty amount of people. Joelle and I made food and planned for way too many. Our bad. But that just meant that me and Andy were sent home with enough soup for 3 days.

Joelle came up with this really fantastic *mash* like game. We got a ton of magazines, mostly from those free stands all around BYU, and there were a couple categories like house, pets, cars, jobs, and you cut out pictures of the magazine and paste them in the sections.

It was supposed to be us creating Katie's future and it was hilarious. In mine, Katie's future car was a hot-air-balloon-toaster hybrid and Adam's job was a bull-rider. Yeahyuh.

Anyway, both parties were a blast and I'm super happy for my Katie! After finals, we're driving down to AZ to see them get married and you can be hecka sure that I'll have a million pictures. 

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