times long past

Auld Lang Syne = Times Long Past. I just googled that. Hence the blog title.
Oh 2012.
I'll really miss you.

This was easily the biggest and best year of my existence.

But before I start gloating about what a great year it's been let me start off with what I'm most ashamed of. Because that's the least important and easy to get out of the way.
  • This year Andy and I watched every episode of How I Met Your Mother, a lot of Family Guy, most of Law & Order SVU, Dr. Who, and New Girl, not to mention the hours and hours I spent watching Honey Boo-boo, Baby Story and every other show on TLC. Let's just say the TV is hardly OFF at our place.
  • I have almost 4,700 pins on pinterest...... Ahem. Some from last year. Most from this one. Let me just put a bag over my head in shame. How many hours....
  • I too easily jumped onto the instagram bandwagon and my photography has morphed into the vintage filter crap stuff you see everywhere. Gosh dang it. 
  • I downloaded Sims 3 and enjoyed every second I spent playing it.
  • I guilted Andy into buying me a new computer AND an iPhone. Don't get me wrong, I love them both. But I'm ashamed of my greedy needs. 
  • I didn't read A SINGLE BOOK. Not one. Compare that to high school where I read at least 2 a month. The thought is so embarrassing that I'm determined to read at least 10 in 2013. Ugh, I'm disgusting.
THERE. Done with those nasty confessions. Now we can enjoy what I'm proud of:

I spent an entire year in the BYU Illustration program. I took a total of 9 art classes in 2012 and I have SO much more confidence, especially in my figure drawing, photography, and painting skills. My career goals drastically changed. Rather than being a concept artist I see myself having an at-home studio. I've never been more excited. One of these days I'll photograph some of my stuff and post them on this bloggy. 

My family moved to Virginia this year and left us to be on our own, finally. I did not spend endless hours on the couch whining and crying that they deserted me. I did not become a flaky puddle of tears for an entire month..... Good riddance.... I secretly hope they move back. But in their absence, I've found a new family among Andy's siblings. They are, in fact, the only people I'd dare play Dirty Minds with. That makes them invaluable.

A year ago I smooched some hunk-of-a-man at midnight, not knowing that within a month I'd say yes and promise to smooch him every day for the rest of eternity.  I friggin got myself MARRIED to him this year. And not just that. These past 8 months have almost been a small slice of heaven-pie. It's been so fantastic and I never expected this. Not in a billion years. 

My grades plummeted to an unholy level while I was dating Andy last year. A serious embarrassment to many, I'm sure. I blame him. But this past semester I had a record high GPA of 3.56 which is not a small feat for me. Whatever. I'm okay with being worst student ever.

My friends were huge influences on me this year. Roommate talks, random lunch-dates, weekend movie nights--they all meant so much to me. Katie, Joelle, Becca, Estée, Jenna, Muzna, Lexi... you guys are the greatest. Now that I'm going to be 4 hours away from you all, I'm seriously going to be feeling your absence.

Because I was so horrible at documenting my life events in 2011, I decided last year to take on the 365 project and take a picture every day. I posted these pictures on facebook and somehow I got a huge following. If I didn't post a picture for a couple of days I would get texts and messages asking me if I'd died and if I would please resume my posting as my pictures were a large source of entertainment and people enjoyed living vicariously through them. I've been incredibly flattered.  My total amount of posted pictures was 352/366. That still equals 96% and I'm absolutely content with that. And although this project was muy bueno and lots of fun, I'm so relieved that it's over and I don't have the responsibility hanging over me every damn day.

all from my 366 project

And that's that.

Next time I'll be posting my resolutions. Hopefully I'll have some by then. Hopefully I can keep them up and not forget about them by February.
And hopefully I continue getting better at this life thing.

Until then,

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