doing nothing

Right now, I am a part time student at BYU-Idaho with no job. 

Last semester, I was taking 15 credits and working part-time. I had absolutely no free time and I was always SO stressed. 

I have so much TIME now.

Ideally, I would utilize this extra time wisely and I would go to the gym every day, our house would be spotless, the dishes always done, the laundry always clean. But that doesn't happen. Because I am so GOSH DARN LAZY and so HAPPY TO BE DOING NOTHING. Andy came home yesterday and was so proud of me for having showered and for cleaning up the front room. I think this would maybe be appropriate behavior if I was, you know, taking care of a baby or something. But no. It's just me.

I've resolved to change my daily activities just about every day, but then I push snooze too many times and wake up at 11:00a, just in time to catch A Baby Story on TLC and eat a bowl of Special K while checking the hundred blogs I follow and monitoring facebook. By then I'm just too comfortable to shower or go outside to check the mail.

This sounds like it should be my July schedule, not my January schedule. 

Let it be said that I DO apply for 2 to 3 jobs every single day. I also spend 18 hours a week in my classes.

So don't worry about me. Something will come up. But I just want to remember this epic month of laziness because, to be honest, it's been awesome. 

Haha I just REALLY need a job. 

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