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And now prepare yourself for a few paragraphs of rambling.

So the other day I got this beeeeyoootiful new case for my snazzy iPhone5 from urban outfitters. I love it. I've already gotten a handful of compliments on it. And see look, florals. Feminine. I'm becoming more of a girl. I'm also wearing a very purply shirt that makes me uncomfortable because of how purply it is but I'm going with it because no one here will judge me because no one here knows me. Brilliance.

Super love.

As of today I have officially made it into 3 classes: Digital Illustration, Narrative Illustration, and Head Painting. All are 400 level classes and they are hard. Jeez. As conceded as it sounds, I never thought BYUI classes would be much harder than BYU's. It turns out that no matter where you are, advanced classes are going to be advanced. We all turned in a digital painting of an apple on the second day of my Digital Illustration class. Mine was decent--I mean I thought so. It being my first ever digital painting and all. Every single one of the others was perfection. Legitimate art. It was disheartening to watch my professor walk straight past my apple without a second look. Is it so pathetic that I miss the favoritism my BYU-Provo professors showed me? It's hard going from a place where you're loved to a place where you're unknown. I'm starting to see what my family went through when they moved to Virginia a few months ago.

I'm adjusting to this Rexburg life rather easily. To be honest it's hardly different. It's as though they took  a corner out of Provo and plopped it into a frozen wasteland. There's a temple on the hill and everything. I'm living my life exactly the way I was living a month ago in Provo...as long as you subtract target, starbuck's hot chocolate, forever 21, 40ยบ, and multiple fro-yo stands out of the equation. I still sit on the couch with pinterest on my lap and tlc playing in the background for a few hours a day. The biggest change is that I am without my best friends and Andy has a lot more to do now that he is in school. I find myself with a lot more free time, which you will never see me complaining about. I seriously love free time. My perfect day includes staying home and never leaving my apartment. Fo shizzle. I'm a fake extrovert everybody.

And that's that. Excited to go to Spokane this weekend. Excited to go to Provo the weekend after. Our ward already thinks we're inactive....since we haven't met anybody yet.....oops.


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