ode to digby

It is with a heavy heart that I announce the untimely demise of my fish Digby.

We took a weekend trip to Spokane and he died while we were gone.

Maybe it was the coldness of the apartment? Maybe it was the stress of the move? Maybe he was miserable because I forgot his green fake plant in Provo. Maybe he just really missed me.

I am so depressed right now.

Digby had a few predecessors. In June of 2011, I took a trip to New York and Joey died. Katie bought Digby, hoping I wouldn't noticed his passing. I came home. I noticed. And me and Digby became close. So close. Because as they say, betta fishes are a single college girl's best friend. He was with me while I was single and all through my relationship with Andy. He moved with us to our first and second apartments. He's been through all these big events with me and I would just like to take a moment and remember all the great times we had together. He was that special. 

Digby would do flips and splash back into the water. My roommates would not believe me and were in awe when they witnessed his awesomeness. 

He would swim around his bowl and watch me walk around the apartment. I would have conversations with him when no one was around.

I would conveniently place him in the front room and he would sit at the edge of the bowl and watch tv with us. I know you don't believe me, but it's true. 

He played dead. Played dead. Like would float around the bottom of the bowl until you tapped the glass and then he would get really startled and would suddenly wake up and zoom around, laughing I imagine. It scared Estée when she babysat him over Christmas while we were on the east coast. 

^^He was named after this fabulous pup from this fabulous tv show. His name would always remind me of that fantastic summer that we would watch Pushing Daisies every night and make pie and drool over Lee Pace. 

^^Digby in the front seat, ready for our move to Idaho. Just a few weeks ago. Sniff.

^^ His final resting place. I made Andy remove him from his bowl. I couldn't take it. Each said a word and flushed him together. Such a special moment. 

It's been rad, Digby. Enjoy fish heaven.

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