Dear friends,
These are my resolutions for this year. I am posting them publicly so that you can all hold me accountable when I decide to quit trying, because, come on, we all know that will happen by at least February. But cheers to trying, right?

Rachelly's 2013 resolutions:

1. Feel better about my body by eating healthier, counting calories, and exercising daily (whether that means running, going to the gym, or just doing 5 push-ups before I go to bed. Just SOMETHING.)
-Eat 2 fruits daily
-Eat 2 veggies daily

2. Pray morning and night with Andy

3. Spend at least 10 minutes a day doing something spiritual. Listen to a conference talk, read scriptures, mediate or study something.
-Finish the Book of Mormon by December 2013

4. Graduate from college by December 2013.
-Have above a 3.0 gpa. This is something I CAN do!

5. Read 10+ books this year.
-The Great Gatsby
-Animal Farm
-Lord of the Flies
-Life of Pi
-Fahrenheit 451
-Getting these classics out of the way. Any other recommendations?

6. Decorate our new apartment comfortably with awesome eclectic stuff. Spend more time thrifting, less time spending money. Paint furniture, finish DIY projects, make it my own. Put those pinterest skills to use

7. Get at least 100 followers on my blog. Learn how to make money blogging. See if it's something I want to do.

8. Start an etsy shop. Make paintings with an intent to sell them. Begin that career now.

9. Waste less time, care less about myself and do more for others. Serve more. Do better in my church calling. Do better in my marriage. Try harder. Care more!

10. There's one more.
But... That one will stay private until I believe the world is ready for that info.
Well then, why did I even bother including it here?
I couldn't leave the list at an uneven number like 9! Think of all those poor OCD people reading my blog who would be aching miserably. I'm looking out for them.
You all can just deal with me leaving you hanging. Grow up, come on. 

Happy blurry new year!

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