Naturally, I can't go too long without having fishy friend.
That big bowl sat lonely on the couter for too long.

So, I'd like to introduce you all to MOOSE.

Don't ask me where I got the name. I don't have an answer for you. It just seemed fitting. 

We chose Moosey because he was watching us intently. And he was incredibly jumpy, like he was on something. 

Digby lasted over a year and a half. Hopefully Moose will be seeing us through some good times. 


life lately

according to my iphone....

Can you see now how much I focus lately on FOOD? 


I never thought I'd be one of those people who would take a picture of every meal, but oh me and my pathetic boring job-less life. Food tends to be the highlight of each day. 

For example, 

Andy made me an omelet this morning. AN OMELET. Complete with buttered toast and warm pastrami. I was shocked.

Shocked, mostly because THIS was dinner two nights ago. Courtesy of the same fantastic Andy Vidmar. Our smoke alarm was going off for 3 minutes even with most of the doors and windows open. Still, he made a valiant effort, and dinner was salvaged and turned into a success (because of me and my awesome hidden culinary skills. C'mon, give me a moment to brag, I need an ego boost). 

I promise I'll make an attempt this month to instagram something other than my every meal. It's just that I have such a crush on food and I'm sorry if I get overly excited on pizza night and decide that it's something that everyone needs to be a part of. Pizza night is just so great!

Hey, and wish me luck on finding a job this week. I think 2 months is long enough to be completely useless. It's about time I put myself to work and make some money. I just hate job markets in these college towns. They suck.


why hello there st. valentine

Every other year of my life valentine's day has been a day of dread. Bluigh. Gross nasty mushy love felt by all but me, or so it seemed. An injustice to my heart. A chance to binge on chocolate pretend to enjoy watching another gutless chick flick with some girl friends. Last year was okay. I had a fiancĂ©. 283 miles away, but a fiancĂ© none the less. He sent me flowers and it was sweet.

But ho ho ho this year. Ohhh this year.

This year it was like Christmas. AGAIN. In February! My jobless self slept in until 11a and I made my man some ugly pink pepto-bismol colored waffles before he got home. And what did he come home with? Tulips, my favorite ice cream, and a people magazine. Guys, my husband knows me so well, it's fantastic. 

After class I went and picked up a celebratory pizza and a couple of other things for Andy's present. Pinterest is a fantastic thing around the holidays and with the hours I spend on there I was bound to find an idea (If you're curious, we played "the game of love". I wasn't nearly as crafty, but ohmygaaaaaaawshwehadsomuchfun.) Let me just say, valentines day is a helluva lot better when you've got your man with you. Heheh. And this year was especially awesome because it was just us two. Who knows if/when we'll get that again.

Then we finally watched Silver Linings Playbook (SUCH A FANTASTIC MOVIE and we've been meaning to see if for months), ate pizza and strawberries, drank mountain dew, and right now we're watching Friends and playing video games. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Being married is THE BOMB DIGGITY!

So that's that. Happy Valentines day my sweetie hunny bunny chunky butt. Love you tons.

btw I saw this super cute video on a blog I follow. watch it:

Also, I got over 10,000 views on my blog this week! Go me!


dancing through life

For my life painting class today we took a mini field trip to a couple of dance classes across campus. Our next assignment is to paint dancers for some exhibition they're doing at the end of the semester and they're going to display our paintings in the lobby. The official photo shoot will be next week but I just had too much fun taking pictures of them practicing. Mostly because most of the classrooms had such incredible lighting! Fun fun fun.


superbowl sunday

As soon as I walked in the door after church yesterday I jumped on the couch and took a 2 hour nap. I don't know what it is lately, but I'm just constantly exhausted. I get 9+ hours of sleep most nights because of my empty schedule and I think my body just has no idea what to do with that.

But as soon as I got off of the couch I threw some frozen wings in the oven and prepared our front room for the superbowl.

Let it be said that neither of us have anything to do with the NFL. Are you kidding? Andy plays soccer...sometimes.  I used to play basketball. The only team I ever followed was BYU my freshman year when Jimmer was my soulmate. I know absolutely nothing about what's going on in football. So when I found out who was playing, I called 49'ers as my team (for the sole reason that I love san francisco) which left Andy to root for the Ravens.
Terrible choice Rachel. Terrible choice.

The main reason we watched the superbowl. THE COMMERCIALS, doi.
And the excuse to eat too many hot wings.

Andy saw the tray of wings after they came out of the oven and said, "I think you should have bought more." For just the two of us? One bag isn't enough? Honestly? Fatty.
Halfway through the lot though, we were like, Okay these are starting to taste like chicken feet.
DELICIOUS CHICKEN FEET. With a diet coke, of course.

Notice the paper towels waiting to be used on the floor. 

So neither of us were seriously paying any attention to the game. Andy played his video games while I was procrastinating my digital painting by reading mommy blogs. Occasionally we'd glance up at the screen from our computers to see the score so Andy could gloat in my face.

When the blackout happened we laughed over all of the awesome tweets.

Favorite tweet of the night?
Steven Martin: Thank God I have this "Superdome Lights-On" Ipad app.

Around 9 I made some french toast, because obviously we hadn't eaten enough. 
Overall, a very successful evening. 

And then, if you missed them, here are our favorite commercials:

Until next February!


This morning I oh-so-gracefully slipped on ice and fell down the stairs straight onto my butt.

It hurt. Really bad. And I'm sure it was hilarious to Andy, but he masked his laughter and feigned concern like a true gentleman.

The problem is, now I have a giant bruise the size of my palm on my left butt cheek. And no one will be able to appreciate it, except for Andy.

Who really is impressed, btw.

And if my butt bruise isn't enough,

A few days ago I tried out Jillian Michael's 30 day shred on youtube. Geez, it seemed so easy compared to the pump classes I used to go to with Becca. But of course, I was wobbling around like one of the zombies off of Warm Bodies (which was AWESOME btw) because I was just so sore. Then the next day, Andy convinced me to go play basketball for an hour, which only made my soreness SO MUCH WORSE. I don't think I've ever felt so stiff in my entire life. Absolutely every muscle in my legs hurt. Going down the stairs especially makes me look like a pregnant woman. I just cannot walk normal right now.

Last night, Andy was trying to help me by massaging out my pain. Do you ever get so sore that when anything touches you lightly you gasp? Well that was me. He had to sit on my stomach to restrain me and tears were seriously streaming out of my eyes (laughter mixed with pain. hilarious). "It will feel better, I promise!" Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

So if anyone is curious why lately I'm only sitting on my right butt cheek and I'm walking around like I'm constipated, this is why.