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according to my iphone....

Can you see now how much I focus lately on FOOD? 


I never thought I'd be one of those people who would take a picture of every meal, but oh me and my pathetic boring job-less life. Food tends to be the highlight of each day. 

For example, 

Andy made me an omelet this morning. AN OMELET. Complete with buttered toast and warm pastrami. I was shocked.

Shocked, mostly because THIS was dinner two nights ago. Courtesy of the same fantastic Andy Vidmar. Our smoke alarm was going off for 3 minutes even with most of the doors and windows open. Still, he made a valiant effort, and dinner was salvaged and turned into a success (because of me and my awesome hidden culinary skills. C'mon, give me a moment to brag, I need an ego boost). 

I promise I'll make an attempt this month to instagram something other than my every meal. It's just that I have such a crush on food and I'm sorry if I get overly excited on pizza night and decide that it's something that everyone needs to be a part of. Pizza night is just so great!

Hey, and wish me luck on finding a job this week. I think 2 months is long enough to be completely useless. It's about time I put myself to work and make some money. I just hate job markets in these college towns. They suck.

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