superbowl sunday

As soon as I walked in the door after church yesterday I jumped on the couch and took a 2 hour nap. I don't know what it is lately, but I'm just constantly exhausted. I get 9+ hours of sleep most nights because of my empty schedule and I think my body just has no idea what to do with that.

But as soon as I got off of the couch I threw some frozen wings in the oven and prepared our front room for the superbowl.

Let it be said that neither of us have anything to do with the NFL. Are you kidding? Andy plays soccer...sometimes.  I used to play basketball. The only team I ever followed was BYU my freshman year when Jimmer was my soulmate. I know absolutely nothing about what's going on in football. So when I found out who was playing, I called 49'ers as my team (for the sole reason that I love san francisco) which left Andy to root for the Ravens.
Terrible choice Rachel. Terrible choice.

The main reason we watched the superbowl. THE COMMERCIALS, doi.
And the excuse to eat too many hot wings.

Andy saw the tray of wings after they came out of the oven and said, "I think you should have bought more." For just the two of us? One bag isn't enough? Honestly? Fatty.
Halfway through the lot though, we were like, Okay these are starting to taste like chicken feet.
DELICIOUS CHICKEN FEET. With a diet coke, of course.

Notice the paper towels waiting to be used on the floor. 

So neither of us were seriously paying any attention to the game. Andy played his video games while I was procrastinating my digital painting by reading mommy blogs. Occasionally we'd glance up at the screen from our computers to see the score so Andy could gloat in my face.

When the blackout happened we laughed over all of the awesome tweets.

Favorite tweet of the night?
Steven Martin: Thank God I have this "Superdome Lights-On" Ipad app.

Around 9 I made some french toast, because obviously we hadn't eaten enough. 
Overall, a very successful evening. 

And then, if you missed them, here are our favorite commercials:

Until next February!

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