why hello there st. valentine

Every other year of my life valentine's day has been a day of dread. Bluigh. Gross nasty mushy love felt by all but me, or so it seemed. An injustice to my heart. A chance to binge on chocolate pretend to enjoy watching another gutless chick flick with some girl friends. Last year was okay. I had a fiancĂ©. 283 miles away, but a fiancĂ© none the less. He sent me flowers and it was sweet.

But ho ho ho this year. Ohhh this year.

This year it was like Christmas. AGAIN. In February! My jobless self slept in until 11a and I made my man some ugly pink pepto-bismol colored waffles before he got home. And what did he come home with? Tulips, my favorite ice cream, and a people magazine. Guys, my husband knows me so well, it's fantastic. 

After class I went and picked up a celebratory pizza and a couple of other things for Andy's present. Pinterest is a fantastic thing around the holidays and with the hours I spend on there I was bound to find an idea (If you're curious, we played "the game of love". I wasn't nearly as crafty, but ohmygaaaaaaawshwehadsomuchfun.) Let me just say, valentines day is a helluva lot better when you've got your man with you. Heheh. And this year was especially awesome because it was just us two. Who knows if/when we'll get that again.

Then we finally watched Silver Linings Playbook (SUCH A FANTASTIC MOVIE and we've been meaning to see if for months), ate pizza and strawberries, drank mountain dew, and right now we're watching Friends and playing video games. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Being married is THE BOMB DIGGITY!

So that's that. Happy Valentines day my sweetie hunny bunny chunky butt. Love you tons.

btw I saw this super cute video on a blog I follow. watch it:

Also, I got over 10,000 views on my blog this week! Go me!

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  1. I just watched that video and it is just the cutest thing!
    Glad you had a good Valentines day!


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